Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Take in Case of Emergencies...

Karen and I went out for lunch today after an AA meeting.  I've got in the habit of carrying my two Klonopin around with me everywhere in a pill bottle.  "In case of emergencies," I tell myself.  I can't leave the house without them.

While we were eating, my pill bottle was bothering me in my pocket, so I placed it on the table with little thought.

"What's that?" Karen asked.

"My nerve pills," I replied with a wary smile.

"Do I make you nervous?" she then asked me.

"No, no, no," I stammered. 

We both broke out in laughter after I explained to Karen why I carry them with me.  She then wanted to know all about my anxiety attacks.  How long I've had them.  How long they last.  She seems to think she is suffering from some as well.  Just two battle scarred alcoholics leaving the battlefield and joining AA.


Summer said...

I love reading about your short winters and early spring. I will miss summer.


Klonopin as I've mentioned here before is such a nice thing because it's long lasting...only problem I've experienced is that it seems more addictive then the xanax fanclub...but I've only had one refill so far. :)

Question for you, if you would write a book on anxiety attacks, what would be the top three tips you'd provide to your readers as to how to attempt at overcoming that one attack?--especially if you didn't have any type of medication to help calm down with??

Me :L)


P.S> I read your twitter that you wrote about being wholesome for family the other day..If you'd like we could do a bloggerswap and you could have it for awhile while I care for Maggie with books, internet and peace :)


teehee. :)

Kelly Jene said...

Don't lament summer's end! Fall is the best time of year!

I'm glad you had a nice lunch. Karen seems nice! ;)

Mo said...

I'm proud of you for reaching out of your comfort zone.

Keep it going. Baby steps are steps worth taking!

Leann said...

Sometimes just knowing they are there makes all the difference.