Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Sun Shines Down...

This weather here has been fantastic.  I can't remember an August being so pleasant and cool.  It is normally humid and oppressive.  Maggie and I sat out on my porch all morning as I read Model Railroaders from years ago.  I got to dream my little dreams and scheme my little schemes.   I can literally lose hours doing that. 

I finally came inside and fixed Maggie and I ham and cheese sandwiches.  I toasted mine and gave Maggie hers plain. Maggie always carries hers into the den to eat much to my chagrin. 

2sunset was asking about schizophrenia and the medications.  I can only speak for myself, but stress causes my symptoms to increase even on my medications.  A large family gathering is about one of the most stressful situations I face these days and that was why I was hearing voices yesterday.  I also see what I describe as "ghosting."  Usually innocuous hologram-like images of animals and cats lying around the room.  When I am under a lot of stress, I can have what I call waking dreams where I experience something in my mind and it is so real that I can't decipher the difference from my mind world and the real world.   


(M)ary said...

my brother with schizophrenia has the same issues with large family gatherings. he can be doing fine then suddenly he shuts down and is in the corner alone.

Mo said...

Will you send some of the cool weather our way?

I'm still burning up!

The time with Maggie sounds blissful.

Thank you for giving us an honest and real look inward to schizophrenia.

abbagirl74 said...

Hello there. I was curious about whether you still camp out in the backyard? Remember that last summer? I used to love reading about it. Have you done any of that this year?

2sunset said...

; )


I can't imagine the struggles that you have to deal with when your mind starts those confusing are a tough cookie and I'd be too scared to even step foot around anyone that wasn't my mom or dad I would imagine.

Glad you have maggie and so glad that you have mom that understands what it's like. Empathy is a wonderful comforting thing.

many happy thoughts,