Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stocked Up on Crazy Here!

Last night was interesting.  My old nemesis schizophrenia, I believe, paid a visit.  I was sitting on the couch watching The Weather Channel.  Dad was sitting next to me.  This horrible and loud ringing erupted in my ears, and I felt like I was floating above us.

"You're acting strange," my father told me.

"I feel strange!" was my emphatic reply.

I was never so glad to get Dad out the door so I could go lie down.  My trusty sidekick, Maggie, joined me and I woke up this morning feeling better.  It has been a day of SpongeBob cartoons and Coast to Coast AM on the radio.


One thing I lament about living in my new house are the very few photo opportunities that present themselves.   Maggie is the only thing to take pictures of, and I won't bore you with constant dog pictures.   


I've been thinking of ways of being more of service to others.  I guess I could start by commenting more on the blogs I read.  I just don't sit in front of this computer like I used to.  Being of service to others is an important part of recovery and AA.   Far too often, we alcoholics were the most selfish of creatures.  Always taking and never giving back.  I wish there is something I could do for my ex-wife in regards to this.  I owe her a lot!


recoveryroad said...

I hope it passed, Andrew. Nowt wrong with SpongeBob, matey!

Take it easy.


So you were chilling with the Crusty crab eh? Did he order a crabby patty? :) hee-hee.

I'm sure you'll figure out what to pay forward or backwards (for that matter) to your ex wife someday---you never know, sometimes the best ideas of giving come when we are sleeping and full of dreams.

happy wednesday,

mousenaround said...

I hope you sleep well tonight, feel better and have a nice day tomorrow. :)
ReneeAnn (twitter buddy)

Jami said...

Andrew, one reason I found your blog and began reading it was to understand schizophrenia better. I work with mentally ill and aggressive offenders in a maximum security prison. I had never seen psychosis until I began working there.

Unfortunately, many of the prisoners play "games" and pretend to have mental illnesses they don't.

I always wonder in my mind if I'm being played, or if I'm seeing the real thing.

If you wouldn't mind being of service to me (and maybe others) in this way, I would like to be educated about life with true schizophrenia ... when you're "well" and when you're not.

If you don't want to be as open about that on your blog, I understand completely. But if you visit me on my blog and check my profile, you will see you can email me. I would love to learn so that I can be a better therapist.

And, regardless of what you choose, I enjoy reading your blog because I am interested in you as a person. I know lots of people read your blog for the same reason.


Brad said...

Hey bud - Just wanted to stop y and say hello.

How about dropping the ex a card in the mail and telling her what you said her? Just thinking of her and grateful to her - just a thought.

Hope your doing good -


Mo said...

I never tire of Maggie pics.

justLacey said...

In regards to your ex-wife. Perhaps just knowing you are doing better and that you appreciate all she did for you would be enough. You could send her a note or maybe call her if you felt up to it.

Kelly Jene said...

I'm glad you feel better. You know, Brad is right, a card to your ex or anyone else is a great way to help someone feel good.

Big hugs to you and I love Maggie pics!!

Cheryl said...

Just stopping by for a hello. Thinking about you today. I hope it's a good one.

(M)ary said...

i just got a cell phone with a camera. so far all i have are pet pictures. and one pic of the roof of the laundry mat. there are these really cool curved vents on the roof.

maybe you could get creative with the camera. look for interesting objects...