Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rendezvous at AA...

I went to my favorite Sunday morning AA meeting.  It is like church on steroids.  One of my favorite AA persons was there.  Wanda.  It was good catching up with her after the meeting. 

"I come close to slipping up everyday," she told me. 

"Life's a gamble," I replied. "I would probably have the same problem if I had money."

We spent a long time talking about our dogs which are the focal points of our lives.

"Dogs are people too," she told me.

I couldn't help but agree.  Maggie is like my hairy little daughter. 

I was sad to see Wanda get in her car and drive off.  I was lonesome and hungry for the company of another.  It was a long drive home with my radio still not working.  Thinking time.  I thought of how far my life has come in this past year. 


Mo said...

You're an inspiration.

Kitties are people too. God bless our fur babies.

Cheryl said...

You've come so far! Do you think Maggie would walk with you, like down by the mill? I remember your 6 mile hikes. You used to love doing that. Maybe with the Fall and cooler weather?

Happy day my friend!

simonsays said...

I loved your "hairy little daughter" line, it made me laugh. Our pets are like our children, but without the backtalk....