Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Favorite Perch...


Mo said...

She looks so intense.

Kelly Jene said...

It truly looks like she posed just for you! What a sweetie!

Upsy-Downsy said...

Andrew, maybe the next time you see Wanda at AA you could ask her if she would like to go get a pop and sit and visit in the park, or whatever. No strings...just friendship.

Sara said...


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Summer said...

Is she watching the neighbors mowing the grass? I had to laugh at that comment as I used to have neighbors that did that as well. But, far more annoying were the ones that would mow right smack at dinner time when we'd be outside grilling or just eating on the patio. GRRR.


She is just too cute! It looks like she see's something that she wants to be apart of, either that or she's in some serious deep thoughts!
Seriously, such an adorable pup!

happy labor day Andrew,