Monday, August 18, 2008

Eyes in the Storm...

I awoke pretty early this morning.  My mind was clear and I got excited -- excited to greet the day.  "What to do?" I thought as I dressed.  I patted Maggie goodbye and got in the car to drive to my parent's house. 

When I arrived, mom was still in her nightgown and Helen was doing laundry.  "Lord child," she said. "Yo parents sho wear a lot of clothes."  I smiled, agreeing, and headed upstairs. 

"Mom? have you got any of my Benadryl?" I asked as she climbed back into the bed.

"Look in my medicine cabinet," she replied with a sleepy sigh.

My heart did a flip flop at the sight of the big bottle of Lortab painkillers.  "Two won't hurt you," my mischievous mind said. "You're such an addict," I thought as I shut the cabinet door with two Benadryl in hand. 

"What are you going to do with the Benadryl?" Mom asked me.

"Save them for an emergency," was my honest reply.  "I mainly just wanted something to busy myself with and wanted to drive."

Mom had a busy day today and rattled off a number of things she had to do.

"Do you dread things?" mom asked me.

"Yeah," I replied. "I got that from you."

I wasn't dreading anything today, though.  I was feeling good, and it has been a good day.  Like eyes in a hurricane, these little respites from the mental illness storm are wonderful.  I am off to sit on the porch and read magazines till time for work. 


(M)ary said...

ahh..benadryl. the magic pill.

Leann said...

Hope you enjoyed your day Andrew.


wonderfully said my friend.


justLacey said...

Tropical storm warnings here today and no work or school. You would love it. It has rained all night and will probably rain all week.

Portia said...

Hi Andrew..and Maggie... I'm glad it was a good day. I hope today was/is too:)

Good job on passing up the lortab. Also, you're not used to caffeine anymore- that's awesome! I see you battling the things that bring you down one by one. Amazing:)

Cheryl said...

Benadryl makes me hyper, if you can believe it. I'm glad you passed up the others. Is the day a good one? It's hot here, hotter than it's been in a while. I can't wait to get off of work and out of the AC for a while.

Enjoy your respite!

justLacey said...

Looks like you may get our storm later in the week.

Kelly Jene said...

I'm glad it's a good day.

We had a lightening storm the other night and I thought of you. We could see the individual bolts shooting down, it was awesome!

Take care.