Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Big Breakfast Bash...

The morning started with my usual cup of very strong coffee.  I was sitting on my porch reading one of the Wired! magazines Cheryl had gotten for me.   The phone rang which spurred Maggie into running inside to see who was calling.

"Hello?" I asked after picking up the phone.

"Hey son," Dad replied. "We are having a big breakfast for me over here.  I want you to come."

"Lots of people?" I asked.

"Oh, come on," Dad said. "Come for me."

So I went and I had a pretty good time.  The homemade biscuits my cousin Jean made were scrumptious.  I still have a hard time with large groups of people, though.  The constant noise and talking makes it hard to decipher the voices in my head.  It is like having a room full of people vying for your attention.   Breakfast was had and I snuck out the back door to drive home.

Mom soon arrived at my house.

"Did you leave with all those people over there?" I asked as she walked to my front door.

"I can't take it," she replied. "I came over to stay with you and Maggie."

I laughed and welcomed her inside.  Now, you see who I get this from?  Don't you?


justLacey said...

I'm so impressed that you made the attempt to go and enjoy yourself. I don't even like family gatherings and I can relate to the noise factor you desribed. The fact that you went and enjoyed yourself is wonderful though and sometimes a small dose of family is all anyne can take. Have you noticed your mom breaking free a little fron the control of your dad? Not in a bad way, but she is spreading her wings a little.

Blue Gardenia said...

All those voices and talking are hard to take with Sz. The brain is already full and then add the cacaphony of all of those unfiltered conversations and it is quite maddening. The "normals" seem to be able to tune out much of the sounds.

Leann said...

It was nice you went for your Dad and made the effort. Kudos to you for that.

CJM-R said...

Well, it was worth the good breakfast and then you got to leave. I am sure it made your dad happy!

2sunset said...

Andrew: Can you forgive me for being so stupid about this and help me understand it?
I really want to understand because someone I love has recently been diagnosed:
Why is it that you are hearing voices when you are medicated? I was under the impression that with the right medicinal cocktail (different for everyone who is diagnosed with schizophrenia, and sometimes hard to pin-point at first) most people can be rendered symptom free as long as they take their medications.
Why is this happening to you?

Sincerely, someone who cares and wants to understand.

Cheryl said...

Hi Andrew...I'm drinking my coffee but it's not strong enough. I'm glad you had a good breakfast before you got away! Glad your mom joined you.

I'm glad Friday was a good day. A little blessing day. I hope today is another happy one for you.

Would you like to keep getting the magazine? Drop me a line to let me know, OK?

Tee said...

Sounds like the breakfast was delicious. I sometimes feel the same way at family gatherings. Too many people talking at the same time and too many talking too loud!