Monday, August 4, 2008


There has been this character going around the local AA meetings claiming to be an "addictionologist."  I chuckled when I overheard two AA members talking about it today.  Sadly, there is no easy cure for addiction.  It is a complete change of lifestyle.  At least, that is the only thing I have found that works and that's what AA does -- it reprograms you. 

Wanda and I were talking about it today after our meeting.

"Some people have all the gall," she said after pulling on her cigarette.

"Sadly, people will believe them," I replied, worried somebody would be duped into buying whatever they were peddling.

"He'll get run out of town soon," Wanda replied to my worries. 

This morning we took Maggie to the Veterinarian for her annual checkup.  It is not too often Maggie goes for a road trip and she was blissfully unaware of where we were going as I drove us to the edge of town.  She did good, though, and just shook she was so frightened.  Maggie has settled comfortably back into her usual routines and is no worse for wear.   


Ellie said...

You are right about addiction. There is no cure. If you ever find one, wouldya let me know? But I have heard that if you complete something consistently for twenty-one days, then it becomes part of your daily routine. Not sure if it is true. Never had the will power to try it out.

Ellie :)

Summer said...

How's Maggie doing tonight? Henry is here on the bed with me. Poor guy he's had it rough being neutered, then losing his best friend Lucy, then we went on vacation and left him for two weeks. Now, my oldest, one of his best playmates has gone on to law school. Poor kitty. Lots of changes for him. I'm hoping to get him back to normal soon.

anonymous said...

Hey Andrew Handrew, you used "Wanda and I" correctly. I'm proud of ya. Keep it up.

anonymous said...

I miss Rosa. What's going on in her life?

skinny minny said...

Think the weather channel is bad about TS edouard? you should try being in the Houston area! I even just got told to stay home from work! Oh well day to catch up on blogging and play with my dog.


Hi Andrew! I'm trying to get settled with summer and I've missed you lots..I thought of you last night because we had tornado's roll through here, the images online with radar were showing pink and purple in the area we live in..the sky was green...lightening so intense your hair was sticking up on your arms..

thinking of you! i'll be back more regularly when school starts up!


Cheryl said...

Even the most exciting lives can be mundane. Yawn, time to go shopping on Rodeo Drive again. What could I possibly buy that I don't already have? Maybe have my nails done again? I'm not talking about me, of course, but life in general. It's all about routine. Thank goodness we have the Internet to expand our worlds. We would have never met without it! I realize living in a very small town makes excitement much more limiting. No coffee shops to hang out at like me. That's my big thrill.

Stay cool today. It's supposed to be 101 here today. Too hot!