Friday, July 18, 2008

Wake Up Baby!

I awoke this morning to someone unlocking my front door and then shutting it.  I scrambled to put on some clothes as Helen came through this house just so chipper.  I had forgotten about her coming.  

"Baby, it be time to get up," she said as she was humming a tune to herself.

I got in the kitchen to scramble some eggs and make some cheese toast.  Soon, Mom arrived with my groceries and it was a full house.  Mom and Helen have become good friends and they talked and talked as I put up all my groceries. 

I got Helen to make chicken salad today.  I've been in a big sandwich mood.  She made enough chicken salad to feed me for days after running to the grocery store. 

"Thank you," I told her. "Your cooking is delicious."

You should have seen Helen swell up with pride.  I have almost gotten used to her coming and feel less self conscious about the whole affair.  


Portia said...

It's cool that you're becoming more at ease with Helen. I get the feeling she and your mother enjoy the time they spend with you at your house too. I hope it's a great weekend:)

Kelly Jene said...

I'm glad you are more comfortable with the situation. I'm sure she loved hearing that you appreciate her cooking. Never forget to do that!

Enjoy your chicken salad, that sounds wonderful!

impromptublogger said...

Please don't feel that Helen is "doing you a favor" because I am sure she is happy to get the extra income from your parents. It can't be easy trying to make a living doing what she's doing.

Enjoy your "good eats"!

Tee said...

You are soooo fortunate to have Helen cook for you and clean your house. I wish I had someone to do that for me. I hate to cook and I'm not real crazy about house work. LOL. I'm so glad you will be seeing Joyce when you visit your grandmother. I bet Joyce is thrilled as well. Once again, you are a good neighbor.

Cheryl said...

I want Helen. I really do! I'm glad you're getting used to her being there. You had a lot of company, which is good.

Tonya said...

So Andrew, I'm an avid reader of your blog and today I was in the shopping plaza that the Riverdale Station is located in off of HWY 85 and I thought of you. :)

CJM-R said...

No, I want Helen!! I really, really do!! Too bad we don't all live closer and we could all hire her and keep her really busy!

P.S. I am also worried about Mosaic Mind... I was hoping someone had heard from her.

shinyruby2 said...

you are so natural with giving compliments.. that is the one thing i really come away with from your blog. it is really beautiful : )


justLacey said...

You guys "want" Helen, but I really NEED her.