Thursday, July 17, 2008

Old Friends. Memories Long Gone...

Spent most of the day down at the very active railyard.  Saw multiple trains and ate my lunch behind the bank on the bench where Ferret would always sleep homeless.  Walking through the shopping center today reminded me of my old friends.  Big S.  George.  Ferret.  Clara.  Dexter.  Dumpster Diving Dan.  I wondered what they all were doing these days.

Left the railyard and ate one of Merl's big hamburgers at Merl's Diner.  I was stuffed.  I had already eaten some sandwiches for lunch.  It was an impulse binging.  There goes my diet.  I am still hovering around 215 pounds. 

Mom came by this afternoon.  She brought a gift of toilet paper.  A huge pack of it. 

"I didn't want you to run out," she told me. 

Mom and I sat in my den for the longest time just watching The Weather Channel and talking.  I missed our McDonald's coffee ritual today and she said we would do it in the morning -- get back on track.     


Kelly Jene said...

You had a lot of good times with the gang. I think you've really grown since those times too.

You and your mom seem to have grown closer and closer over the months. That's wonderful!

Tee said...

Your Mom is a real jewel.

Leann said...

Rode the Max in Portland today. It was fun. A train that does not go clackity clack tho.

PipeTobacco said...


I would think, especially since you miss them, that looking for them and hanging out might be in order. I am sure they would all be happy to see you.


simonsays said...

I have wondered about your friends as well. Now that you have thought about them again, I'll bet you run into them or hear from them very soon, it seems to happen that way.

Have a great weekend Andrew. :)

Smocha said...

Man, I wish someone would bring me the gift of toilet paper.LOL

That stuff is outrageous these days!