Tuesday, July 1, 2008

200 Stones Lighter...

The first thing I did this morning after awakening was call Wanda to check on her.  She worked third shift last night and was so glad to be home.

"No drinking?" I asked.

"No, no drinking.  I feel better and sturdier today," she replied.

"This too shall pass as they always say in AA," I told her.

I will be so glad when my new computer arrives.  This old beater of a contraption I am using now is so frustrating.  I can't click or follow links without opening up the windows task manager. 

I saw Helen this morning sitting out on my parent's portico. 

"Hey baby," she said in that southern African American vernacular.

We talked of diets and staying on them. 

"I'm stuck at 215," I told her.

"I've lost over 200 pounds since my gastric bypass surgery," Helen replied proudly.  


An Irish Friend of Bill said...

ah bless. you reached out to help wanda. Cool. Thats how i have been staying sober a day at a time for 20 odd years now. it works! but bless your cottons for thinking of others. it is a gift, and these kindnesses make all the difference to others when they cant see the wood for the trees. others helped me, so i am just passing on the favor to the next person.
You are clearly a very kind and thoughtful person. these are incredibly (!) valuable characteristics to possess, and im sure this trait of self forgetting will repay you massively down the line. What you sow, you reap, as they say..

Kelly Jene said...

How wonderful that you called her! You are passing on your strength, good for you.

And congrats to Helen! Losing weight even with the surgery is NOT easy. Good for her!

Summer said...

You have a great bunch of family and friends. Your 215 is most likely ok since you are tall.


I'll be so happy when you get your new computer.

Cheryl said...

That weight might just be the one that sticks. It doesn't seem like you eat too much.

Glad that Wanda passes this trial. One day at a time, right?

Hope things are really ok with you :)

impromptublogger said...

Isn't it neat when the student becomes the master? I am glad that Wanda was able to work through this and it is good that she worked because I am sure that helped.

Very cool on Helen's weight loss. I am sure you'll be able to get your weight under control soon.

Portia said...

Whew! It's good to hear that Wanda made it over the hump, and really awesome that you were able to be there for her.

I'm so glad you have the new computer to look forward to! You deserve it, and after putting up with your current "contraption" I know you'll appreciate it even more.

mosiacmind said...

Hey great for you to reach out to someone..wow that is big when it comes to people like us..huh? Gracie has at times howled or cried in her sleep and it is weird to here...my vet says sometimes they have weird dreams..one time it looked like gracie was moving all her paws her laying on her back like she was dreaming of running now that was wierd but cute to see. i know we both get concerned about our dogs when stuff goes on with them and they are such good companions for both of us i know and for others who have pets too.