Saturday, July 19, 2008

2 a Day Keeps the Bottle Away...

Went to two AA meetings today.  Both had similar themes - not picking up that first drink.  The first drink would always get me as well.  With one down, twenty would follow. 

I still romanticize drinking though.  I stood in the convenience store down from my house this afternoon and eyed the beer longingly.  "It has been so long," my mind said. "One drink won't hurt you."  They say in AA that alcohol is cunning, baffling, and powerful.  It's the truth.  As soon as you let your guard down, old habits arise and the stinkin' thinkin' starts. 

Charlie is throwing a big cookout tonight.  It is ribeye steak night at Charlie's.  I declined from going and they will bring me and Maggie a plate.  I've got to get over these social anxieties.  I will never meet new people and friends sitting in this house all the time in front of this computer. 


CJM-R said...

Social anxiety is so hard. most of the kids I work with have it. but when they all get together, they feel better because they all understand one another's anxiety.

Good that you have your meetings.

justLacey said...

OMG I never knew anyone that likes talk radio as much as I do. I listen to all of them.

simonsays said...

I have always used the phrase "stinkin thinkin", is that an AA saying? I don't know where I got it..

Im so proud of you Andrew. Hell, I can't even give up the cigarettes, and you -- look what you have managed to beat!

I hope your steak was awesome.



jrlmx2 said...

Hey, Andrew, I've been on the road a lot. Miss you - glad to see you doing so well. it will be a year before you know it!

Jessica said...

Hope you are feeling better, and enjoying your Monday! :)