Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Psychiatric Merry-Go-Round...

"You get a thousand chances.  You only have to make one count." --unknown

This morning is my injection.  I've already called Dad and said I was just going to lie in the bed and listen to the radio this morning.

"YOU'VE GOT TO GET YOUR SHOT!" was his reply. "I am taking you and I wont take no for an answer."

I am convinced that all these myriad of medications I am on are the culprit for my attacks, and want to come off all of them.  I want to be medication free and to be able to cry again and quit drooling.  I am tired of the psychiatric merry-go-round. 


madamspud169 said...

Every time you stop your meds when you go back on them you say you feel much better on them so maybe it isn't stopping them you need but a lower dose of some or a different combination?

It's such a pity your dad won't listen or understand how these medications affect you because if you could only get your doctor to understand how all the side effects affect you then I'm sure you could get advice and help in finding a medicine regime that works better for you.

justLacey said...

I agree, perhaps it's just too many medications. Have you noticed your anxiety attackes always come right before your shot is due? Andrew, talk to your dr. I bet he can help.

Cheryl said...

I'm with the others, honey. You always feel better after your shot. I think once your doctor is prescribing your meds, you'll feel better.

I can't wait to go to work where they keep the AC so cool!

PipeTobacco said...


My advice for you is to keep in mind that medications PRESCRIBED by your PSYCHIATRIST are good, appropriate and helpful. Other items that are over-the-counter medications or prescription medications not prescribed for you, but just given to you on a whim are the ones I would be suspicious about.

It is my hope that you spend time alone with your psychiatrist on Wednesday and show him/her a list of all the medications you TAKE and compare it to the list of medications he/she has prescribed. I think it will help him/her give you good advice on treating your condition and also on reducing and/or eliminating the panic attacks, etc.


Bridget said...

I'm with Pipe Tobacco: please have some one on one time with your doctor and tell him or her about ALL of the meds you're taking - including (especially) the ones your father gives you. As I said yesterday, drooling is a sign of a loss of muscle control. That is NOT good and a sign of something amiss. I also agree with Justlacey. Being medication free might not be a realistic goal for you. My boyfriend is going through this right now: he has high blood pressure that wouldn't respond to weight loss or diet changes. He is now on medication and doesn't like the idea of it...but he does understand that if he takes his meds, he doesn't get the crippling headaches and lightheaded feeling that untreated high BP can cause. You DO have a disorder that has to be treated, no different than if you were diabetic and needed insulin. A smaller dose or a different combination may be appropriate for you.

It is still really, really bothering me that your father is taking it upon himself to prescribe medication for you. He's not a medical doctor and pharmacist or not, he doesn't have the adequate knowledge to combine drugs in a way that is appropriate for your individual body chemistry and composition. Your father means to help and I know that -- but his lack of knowledge can seriously hurt you. You need to level with your doctor when you go and tell him/her what's going on - the WHOLE story.

Chandira said...

Some people swear by medications, but I really don't feel they're always the answer.
I think a big rethink is due our entire health system, I hate seeing so many meds advtertised on our tv's! It's a continual bombardment, have we forgotten what it's like to live without meds?

I know in your case, you might need a few of them, but I think you're right to want to only take a minimum!!

C.A. said...

Andrew, PLEASE....talk to your physician. ALONE. Tell him each and every medication you've been given. Tell him about the drooling and the attacks. I'm sorry to have to say this, but if your father was giving random prescription drugs to a customer who was not his son, that is not only unnethical, but probably against the law. I am so concerned about your health, both mental and physical, and want you to feel well. I know your father wants the best for you, but right but drooling and panic attacks are not your best, my friend.

Please talk to your Doctor one on one.

Big hugs...


Anonymous Boxer said...

My Mother was a nurse and thought she knew more about her illness and medications than her doctors... WRONG. There is a delicate balance to find with medications and only a Doctor who knows EVERYTHING you're taking can help.

I'm sorry about your anxiety attacks - ((hugs))

Bridget said...

I don't want to get you upset, but you really should know this. c.a.'s comment about practicing medicine without a license being "probably illegal" needs to be paid attention to. It's not only definately illegal, but a felony crime in all 50 states. The law on it reads, "An individual who practices or holds himself out as practicing a health profession subject to regulation without a license or registration or under a suspended, revoked, lapsed, void, or fraudulently obtained license or registration, or outside the provisions of a limited license or registration, or who uses as his own the license or registration of another person, is guilty of a felony. For the purpose of the offense of practicing medicine without a license, the "practice of medicine" means the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, cure, or relieving of a human disease, ailment, defect, complaint, or other physical or mental condition, by attendance, advice, device, diagnostic test, or other means, or offering, undertaking, attempting to do, or holding oneself out as able to do, any of these acts." As I'd said, I understand that your father is trying to help you...but he is not only committing a crime, but a very serious crime. In most states, that includes jail time, and he would get his pharmacological license reviked without possibility of getting it back. I know you don't want to get your father in trouble and I am not advocating that. I'm asking that you please, PLEASE talk to your doctor to find a solution to this situation that works out to everyone's satisfaction. Perhaps your doctor can straighten out your meds and either talk to your father, or he can issue a directive that you are to take only what HE (doctor) prescribes and nothing extra, regardless of who wants to give it to you, without consulting him first.

M said...

well, i agree that the meds can cause physical problems. i am not a big believer in alot of meds. however, i have seen the downside to not taking medication too. i get migraines and i am soooo wary of the meds i will endure great pain.

you need one attentive medical practioner to look at all of the meds and figure out what can be stopped safely.