Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Brand New Pill...

"He works in mysterious ways," An AA oldtimer told me about my higher power this morning at a meeting.

"Don't tell me that!" I decreed.  I want clear cut answers and solutions.  I like things black and white.  All or nothing.  It is my nature.  

I felt so much better getting out of the house despite my deepest fears.  I swung by my parents and Dad had a new medication to try:  Lexapro, an anti-depressant.  I took it and do feel better.

"You've been terribly depressed," my father told me. "You could see it in your house and how you carried yourself."

The strange thing about depression is that you sometimes can't tell when you're in it.  I know I am grasping at straws, but I am willing to try anything at this point.  


Cheryl said...

HI Andrew...glad to see a new post and twitters. Yes! I'm all caught up on my reader queue too. Feast or famine. I've been cleaning, and now I'm ready to get out and go to a store or two before my book club. I'll probably melt, it's so hot. Stay cool and happy. Good advice for all of us, huh?

Kevin said...

whew! I was worried after yesterdays post that I wouldn't see you around for a bit. That SSRI will more than likely cut down on anxiety as I took a similar SSRI for anxiety myself. We all have bad days and I'm very happy that you have rebounded so well.

agent wife said...

I just wanted to encourage you to write no matter how you feel. I know you are worried about sounding redundant or negative, but we still read. Sorry I don't always comment- not always feeling so hot myself. But I think about you and pray for you when I read you are not feeling well. If friends are just there when you are feeling great, that is not true friendship and I can tell you have a lot of friends who care about you when you are feeling well or not.

Brad said...

Sounds like your having a good day - that's very cool - Give Maggie a scratch behind the ear for me

justLacey said...

Well, Lexapro is for anxiety and depression so maybe it will help. I sure hope so. Give it some time to work and see how it goes. I think getting out is very important as well. Don't let that anxiety take over and lock you up. Keep getting out and in time you will make new friends too.

jane said...

what is maggie eating if she's turning her nose up at her food in the bowl? maybe she's getting spoiled by all the goodies she gets?

in all seriousness, my dog sometimes does that but then he'll wolf it down in one gulp. i think he gets bored - and can you blame him? gah, dried food all the time. yuck. we do spoil him though with stuff - he loves bacon grease and i've bene told it's good for his coat.

glad to hear today's better.


Irishcoda said...

Andrew, thanks so much for your supportive comments and your kind words. I sure hope the Lexapro does the trick for you and yes, I know from experience you can be in a funk and not really know it. About Maggie, maybe she would eat the food in the bowl if it was mixed with a little something like table scraps? She seems to like what you eat and so she might eat her own food with a little of yours mixed in?

divya said...

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PipeTobacco said...


SSRI's (seretonin reuptake inhibitor pharmacological agents) like Lexapro, Celexa, Prozac, and Zoloft as well as others) take roughly 4 weeks to acquire a dose that is shown to affect mood.

Did your physician prescribe this medication (Lexapro) for you, or did your father simply give you some from his store?

If it is simply your father's giving it to you, I worry about how it may interact with the myriad of other drugs you are taking. Especially if you take any MAOI class of drugs.


2sunset said...

People who CARE about you (not just your entertaining and cool blogs) will wait for you. Do whatever you have to do to get balanced - if that means taking a break, then do it.

All the best to you.

I'm here, I'll keep checking-in. Don't let your readership pressure you, let them support you right now.

xo. 2 u 2.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I hope the meds help - they did for me at one point in my life - everyone responds differently though. Don't give up - and dont' give up blogging either!

Bridget said...

I'm glad the Lexpro is making you feel better. However, I echo Pipe Tobacco's question about who decided to give it to you. Your father IS NOT a trained and licensed physician. I know he means to do good, but he lacks the training and tools to properly prescribe medicine, and his prescribing for you concerns me A LOT. Depending on people's body chemistries and what else they are taking, you could potentially have trouble. Also medications like Lexpro can't just be "stopped." They have to wean people off of those for specific reasons. I hope you don't take this as harsh - I enjoy reading your blog, feel that I know you through it and I care.