Sunday, May 4, 2008

You're a Sweetheart!

The first of the roses from my sweetheart rose bush emerged.  They smell wonderful, and soon my bush will be filled with scores of these diminutive roses.


CJM-R said...

Hi Andrew,

I love, love, love this photo!

Hope your day is calm.


Kelly Jene said...

That is gorgeous. I looove the smell of roses in the spring air.

Leann said...

I miss having my own flowers. Beautiful pic Andrew.

C.A. said...

Pink roses are my favorite...sigh. I need to get some rose bushes. I bet that little rose smells heavenly!

Thanks for sharing that!


Irishcoda said...

Oh how pretty! I just love roses! You take photos so well, you really have a good eye for it! :)

Terre Parker said...

I love roses! Thanks for sharing your picture.

It sounds like you've been a bit down lately - hang in there my friend - I am quite proud of you for getting up every day and living life.

Some days for me it is hour by hour and minute by minute...Hang in there, Terre

Semi said...

NICE Blog :)

Mo said...

Great picture!

You are blessed to be surrounded by nature's beauty.

SOUL: said...

i bet you are very happy you didn't send your camera to pawn hell eh?

i've had my share of trips to that place.. never a fun experience.

my roses are bustin out too-- but for some reason, yours look better-- what are you dong , that i am not?

happy monday-

Grof said...

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