Friday, May 16, 2008

Trains Galore...

I spent another long morning down at the rail yard.  I hiked all the way from where the old train station used to be to the end of that old dilapidated cotton mill.  One thing about walking the tracks is you get to see the backside of town.  I did get to see two trains which thrilled my soul.  I waved vigorously at the engineer as one train passed. 

Good Helen is already here.  She is washing my sheets and comforters.  Soon, she will get supper started.  She is frying pork chops and preparing rutabagas, mashed potatoes, pear salad, and cornbread muffins.  My mouth is already watering. 

Folks, I really don't know what to write these days.  This is the first time in the life of this blog that I have nothing to say or write.  Hopefully, this writer's block will pass. 


PipeTobacco said...


Writer's block is a challenge indeed. Perhaps some of these ideas will be helpful:

1. Write about your dreams in life.

2. Write about your fears in life.

3. Write about some of your past adventures... perhaps a revisiting of some of the stories of you and the "gang". One approach that could be fun is to cut and paste a prior essay in italics and insert new opinion oriented commentary about the story. How do you see that story today... fondly, with a jaundiced eye, with longing, with distaste? It would be interesting to see.

4. Write about your childhood with your sibilings. You seldom write about how you and your siblings were together as kids.

5. Write a science fiction novel perhaps along the lines of that UFO oriented radio show you listen to.

6. Read a novel and then tell us your opinions on it.

Any or all of the above sound interesting.... and of course your normal writing sounds interesting as well.



Darlene said...

Hi Andrew :)
Your friends check in to read just what you wrote today. It doesn't have to be fancy or involved. We enjoy the simple things of life.
Enjoy your day and give Maggie a hug for all of us :)

mosiacmind said...

I agree I really enjoy reading the day to day things that you do and what is happening....It really helps me on your good and bad days to know that there are other people who struggle in the day to day and have ongoing issues too just like I do. Please do not think that we your bloggers think that you are boring or that you do not have anything to share and that we do not want to know the day to day things....I also want to say that we also will understand if you think you need a break...maybe just blog once or twice a week to see how that feels and then if you need to take a longer break to take care of you than we would understand if you could please if you decide to take a break post something to let us know alright?

mosiacmind said...

oh and your dinner sounds SO good to me.

Sharyna said...

I agree with Pipe Tobacco. Use some of your old posts and tell how you feel today.



Well look at it this way, when you have writers block, you go out and explore.. if the weathers lovely, induldge yourself in always uncover the most interesting things!

That meal sounds so good!
Enjoy it!!
have a very nice friday Andrew.

justLacey said...

Pipe had some good ideas, but if you feel uninspired just go with it and take a break. You can let us know your ok with the twitters. I think we just worry when we don't hear from you in a while. Pear salad sounds delicious.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Maybe that means you are sensing some peace - no angst. I know I always write better poems whilst in agony.

Jean said...

Sometimes the twitters leave us wanting to hear more. Maybe you can expand on some of those.

Cheryl said...

Are you getting used to having Helen around? I'm envious. I'd gladly give up changing my sheets and would love to have someone cook from time to time.

I think you're your worst critic. Just write...we'll follow. You'll see.