Saturday, May 3, 2008


You could smell the sweet scent of flowers on the air this morning.  The world seems so alive after a drab and dead-like winter.  The jubilant calls of catbirds could be heard on every corner as I walked as they guarded their territory.  I live for spring and summer.  It seems I am just holding my ground during fall and winter when the temperatures drop and the leaves fall.

A strong line of storms came through as I ended my walk.  Luckily, I had my umbrella in my day pack.  It opened with a thump at the first sign of rain.  The thunder was soft and muted, and not at all scary.  I had no worries that I would get struck by lightning -- my umbrella being a lightning rod.

I thoroughly explored that old cotton mill this morning.  Through broken windows you could see hints of years of work and toil.  Old forklifts lay like relics of the past -- silent as their batteries and engines were long dead.  I scrambled up a large mound of old rotting cotton -- moats.   I stood up like the king of the hill upon reaching the top!  I could get lost exploring for hours, but hunger urged me home.

I like this feeling -- this feeling of excitement I feel in the pit of my stomach -- like something great is about to happen.  Day 3 without a panic attack and I relish these calm moments.  Moments away from fear and anxiety.  I am happy to be alive -- to sit at this computer and read about other lives, other blogs.  I am just happy, period. 

Helen was so kind last night.  I had all that delicious food to eat when I got home still warm in my oven.  She wrote me a little note:

Baby, you enjoy your meal.  I cooked you a store bought pecan pie and put it in the fridge.  Have a piece after you eat supper.  Love,  Helen.

Could you ask for more?  I don't think so.     


mosiacmind said...

what a great morning for sweet of helen to bake a pie for you to have and have warm food in the oven...sounds really like a great evening and saturday so far. it is raining off and on here this morning. i have good memories of when i walked better of walking in a spring or summer rain. i hope that you have a good day andrew...

Upsy-Downsy said... have such a gifted way of writing and using descriptive words.

With your talent and ability for writing...have you thought of writing a fiction novel? It doesn't have to be long...even a series of short stories. You don't have to publish it if you don't want to. Just share with family and friends. It would give you such a great sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

If we don't use our talents to our fullest, sometimes we may loose them.

Summer said...

Summery...I loved that title and I love Helen and you. Sweet dreams tonight.

Tee said...

Loved the note from Helen. Does she always call you Baby? I'm assuming she has known you all or most of your life. :-)

Grof said...

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