Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I was just going through the motions at work tonight.  Blah!  The girls were overly gossipy and loud. 

"I wish they would get to work," I overheard my father complaining up front.

I smiled and walked up front to get a coke.  Then I sat out front smoking a cigarette as customers came and went.  One thing I will say about my father's pharmacy is that he gets the most interesting cross section of patrons.  I watched as a little old lady hobbled to the door to open it.  I jumped up from the curb and got the door for her.  She tipped me a dollar! LOL

We had something interesting happen at work tonight.  My uncle helped himself to some prescription drugs by walking into the back room.  He walked back out and wrote a check for the medications.  My father was livid and the girls seem to think he got an interesting combination of medications. 

"I am going to have a talk with him soon," Dad said fuming.

"That was just wrong," I replied and it was very uncharacteristic of my uncle Roger. "How imposing!" 


Summer said...

Your dad's brother? Is he or was he a pharmacist? That is really nervy.

I'm happy to hear that Joyce is home. I'm coming for dinner too.

anonymous said...

He's not your uncle, he's your dad's boyfriend.

Cheryl said...

And just who is it that left that anonymous comment? Weirdo.

I'm so glad you have your job. It might be boring, but it gets you out and you get to hear and see all kinds of things. I wonder how your uncle justified his 'purchase'?

Jenn said...

That sounds illegal. I hope your dad doesn't get into any trouble for that.

goodbyetoallfat said...

I have just come across your blog via a link from another. I am struggling with my own addictions (over eating). Food sounds *ridiculous* as an addiction, when compared with alcohol, nicotine or narcotics, but it stems from an addictive pattern of behaviour.

I've just recently started blogging about it.

Best wishes,
(newbie blogger)

Marsha said...

"I am going to have a talk with him soon"???? "How imposing"???

Are you freaking serious?!?!?!

How about calling the police for theft! How about calling the police for breaking and entering?

How about turning your father in for ALLOWING it to happen?!?! Doesn't he have to give an account of those drugs???

Good lord, I have to stop reading this blog. The stupidity is overwhelming.

Your father belongs in jail.

And tell about the illegal things your family does like it's normal, every day life.

Andrew...wake up.

mago said...

Hm ... mother's side?

Cheryl said...

I guess Marsha didn't like what you had to say, huh?

Marsha said...

I guess Cheryl couldn't really care less about you and the illegal things your family does.

Maybe she doesn't realize that if your mother kills herself with an overdose or with an accident, and your father goes to jail, you will have NO ONE.

Maybe she's preparing a room in her home for you when it happens?


that's what I thought.