Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nine Xanax!

It is not often I get to see my mother drunk, but drunk she was today.  I was aghast that she had been to the grocery store and to Fat Albert's. 

"What have you been taking?"  I asked as she stumbled through my front door.

"Nine Xanax," she said. "Don't tell your father."

Mom stayed for hours just talking and eating my groceries.  She had the munchies something terrible.  Maggie was thrilled to be a benefactor of the bounty of food. 

"You are not driving home!" I said as she was getting ready to leave a minute ago. "You are lucky you haven't gotten a DUI!" 

"How am I going to get home?" she pleaded.

"I will drive you home and we will tell Dad you had a panic attack," I replied. "He can get your car tonight."

The sad thing is that I was envious of her altered state.  I wanted to feel the release of nine Xanax, and the extreme drowsiness it would cause.  I love anything that makes my reality altered or different.  It has been a constant battle over the years as I continue to get addicted to sometimes the most benign things.  Caffeine, Benadryl, sodas, food, you name it and I can get hooked on it.  At least I now know where I get this from.  


Sharyna said...

Your mother is lucky to have a nice son like you to drive her home. 9 xanax is excessive. Should you talk to your dad about it?


Jami said...

9 Xanax ... would kill someone who hasn't built up a tolerance to it. Wow.

Is your mom in counseling, by any chance?

Bridget said...

I agree with Jami. I just asked a friend of mine who legitimately takes Xanax for anxiety and sleep issues, and she said that 9 Xanax is a real lot. As in that she never heard of anyone taking that amount. If she's built up a tolerance to that point - where she can semi-function...drive around, etc...on that amount - then there is a problem going on here. I can't tell you or anyone what to do in this situation, but something really should be done.
Telling your dad may not be the right something. He's giving it to her, he's not a doctor, her doctor may not be aware of the situation, and telling your father may create ill-will, as you pointed out in the later post.

Think about it, but consider going with her to her doctor and discussing this together - leaving your father out of it for now. That may do her the most good.

You know this, but I'll write it anyway: a lot of people have died because they built up tolerances to drugs and then one day took too much. Marilyn Monroe. Heath Ledger. John Belushi. Lots more. This is not good.

mosiacmind said...

I am glad amd relieved to know that your mom is safe with not having a accident. I am not sure what to say about telling your dad or not....that many oills is way too many and could be dangerous. The only thing that worrys me about not telling your dad is if something happens to her and if he asked if you knew about it than there would be a huge break in communication with him that you have worked so much to get.It really concerns me when people try to overtake medications to feel better but the amount could kill her. I will keep reading to know what you decided. I know your mom suffers with lots also could it be that she needs some of her medication changed? Just a thought

justLacey said...

9 Xanax may give you more of a "release" than you are looking for. You have to be careful about what drugs you mix. Just look at Heath Ledger. If you aren't telling your father, you might want to sit your mother down and have a talk with her about dui. It's not just her life she puts at risk, but possibly some innocent person. You might want to threaten to tell your dad to try and make her comply with staying stoned at home.