Friday, May 23, 2008

My Freudian Development...

You Are in the Genital Stage of Development

According to Dr. Freud, you've reached the genital stage of development.

Whatever issues you may have had in your childhood have been resolved.

You don't have any hang ups, and you are able to function as a stable adult.

You are the model of being well-adjusted, and you are able to balance your life beautifully.


justLacey said...

See your not as "off" as you think, lol.

Irishcoda said...

That's a cool quiz, I think I'll try it and see where I'm at, love your photographs of the flowers! They are so beautiful and you have such a good camera eye!

M said...

i am in the anal stage ...sounds dirty but all it means is i am uptight.

hey, aren't most men stuck in the genital stage?

mosiacmind said...

I took the quiz and am the same as for me not saying for you at all but for me it is way off for me. i did not get an email for you yet...that is alright just wanted to let you know in case you did not have the right email address to use. i use the yahoo one and also the sbc one and either one of those is good. hope that your day goes well and that it is a pretty day outside as it is here

Anonymous Boxer said...

I'm the same stage as you. Those questios are more interesting than the outcome.

LOVE the flower pictures.