Saturday, May 17, 2008

Me, Mom, and Computers...

Mom has been over here all morning.  She lay on my computer room bed and asked me questions about the Internet as I worked on this computer.

"How do you know where to go?" she asked.

"You search in a search engine," I replied.

"You make it seem so easy."

"It is," I replied.

It is hard to believe my parents now have a new computer and Internet access.  But they are afraid to use it.  I showed Mom how to check the weather or read a blog.  I even showed her The Pioneer Woman's website. 

"You'll like this," I told her.  "I love her recipes."

I didn't learn to use a computer until the late nineties when I was working at the University as a research technician.  I thought I had found heaven.  I can remember wasting much time at my job on slow days browsing the web.  I discovered Internet chatrooms and formed many new relationships.  I also learned some hard lessons.  It seemed certain people weren't all they said they were.  I fell in love and got burned all at the same time.  I had come of age in a new digital world. 


Ann said...

Hi Andrew,

Congratulations on just about making it 180 days sober!

I'm a daily reader but an infrequent commenter. I love to hear your stories of the day. Because I feel like I know you so well and I am so impressed by what a kind and open spirit you have, there are so many times I want to reach out and give you unbidden advice about how to deal with your dad, or your panic attacks, etc. Then I have to stop and remind myself that I don't know you, and that would be presumptuous.

But this thing about your dad trying to get you to take unnamed medication is just beyond the pale. You have an absolute right to take part in informed decision-making about your own medical care. Your father clearly loves you, but he is absolutely wrong in his approach on this. If you want to know what a pill is, take a good look at it and what is imprinted on it, and then search here:

mosiacmind said...

Hi Andrew...I am glad for your mom and you that you both enjoy spending time together! My mom was scared at first when she got a computer and now she really enjoys emails and looking up recipes and things like that...the same things that i think your mom would enjoy. I know too for mom and I it cuts down on long distance bills since we can email my sister and family and other friends who are not in our city. I hope that she will let you help her learn and I think it could be a really fun time for you and her to spend together.I hope that you have a really good day.

Gaviota_mx said...

Hi Andrew,

I totally relate to this post specially the last paragraph, I could have written almost the exact same thing.

I read you daily with pleasure, even when you think you have nothing to write about.


CJM-R said...

Nice to spend some time with your mom.

Sometimes when I get together with my sisters and kids with my elderly parents and we all are talking about blogs, YouTube, e-mail, etc. Our parents feel left out of the conversation because it is an unknown world to them.

We try to be more aware and change the topics!

Have a great weekend!

CJM-R said...
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SOUL: said...

happy to hear you had a good time with your mom
funny how the kids teach the parents-- ( yes i know you aren't a kid--you know what i mean)-- mine teaches me internet--and even life stuff--all the time. and i do enjoy it.

i was afraid of the computer at first too-- i think we owned our first one for close to a year before i got the nerve to touch it! :))
now look at me.. i blog for a livin...and all my friends live in the computer!

(well.. actually, i have even got the nerve to take my brown recluse self out of my web and MEET a couple !)

it's a strange thing that internet-- :))

have a great day brotha

Cheryl said...

My dad plays pinochle (sp?) and reads e-mail and spends a lot of time on the computer. My mom just started playing solitaire. It's not too late to learn. I hope your mom takes it up.

Berryvox said...

My mother's terrified of the computer. I think she thinks she'll break it if she even touches it.

I just assume everybody on the internet is a horrible screamy troll in real life. It keeps me out of trouble. :D

2sunset said...

Hi Andrew,
I think Berryvox is right, a lot of older folks are worried they can break the computer if they touch the wrong key.
My Mom is 78 and has been online for about 8 years. She got started in my house on my computer when visiting. I just showed her how to search and she went the rest of the way with a handful of topics that interested her.
Now she calls it her "God box" because she says it knows everything
Have fun teaching Mom!
p.s. I called her the other day and said "whatcha doin?" and she said "oh, just defragging" Ya gotta love it..

Tee said...

What a nice visit with your Mom. You are so fortunate to have both your parents. I lost my dad when he was 51 and I was 21. I still have my Mom and she is 90.

I agree with you, Pioneer Woman has GREAT recipes. I love her blog! I found her through your blog.

I do so enjoy your posts, you are such a great writer, you make everyday life interesting and I look forward to reading your blog everyday.

Tomorrow is a real milestone for you!!!!!! 180 days. Andrews that is WONDERFUL! Keep up the good work.

Kelly Jene said...

My parents are the same. I loved learning about computers. In high school I even got to bring an oooollllddd laptop home to work on. The thing weighed almost 10 pounds! It was heavy.

Have a great night!

ac said...

It's sweet of you to teach your Mom about computers. Before you know it she'll be sending you email... And IM... And spam. HA! Hugs kiddo. ac

Gusty Wind said...

Hi Andrew,
My little dog is sick this morning too. She threw up 5 times! Fortunately not on my bed, but she did spit up on hers.


Sounds like a fun saturday morning with your mom! That's neat. IT's always nice when we can find something to teach our parents about as it's usually the other way around.
Ahh...the 90's..great past paragraph of your life, btw.
I hope you are having a nice day today!

skinny minny said...

180 days! WAY TO GO!

recoveryroad said...

Congrats on 180 days. Nice work, fella.

I liked your post about your folks and computers. Spot on!



mosiacmind said...

Good for you for making it to 180 days! I hope that your tooth feels better. I hope that you have a good Sunday. Maggie - bless her sweetie self...Gracie has always had problems like that. I think that is one issue that I try not to get mad at because I do not think she can help it and so I do not yell or such...I often times put her out on the patio and hope that she goes there which at times she does go there. I hope that you have a good Sunday.....your friend and i do care lots...........and you are always an lj in my days.