Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kicking up Dust...

The beat up old pulpwood trucks were kicking up a lot of dust as I walked near the pulpwood yard in the rail yard.  These big trucks bring loads of logs to be loaded onto railcars.  I paid close attention as I want to model this operation someday.  

As I was walking, a strange, gangly man greeted me also walking the tracks.  He had a heavy backpack slung over his shoulder.  

"You got a fiver?" he asked as he neared.

"No," I replied. "I am flat broke."

I lied.  I did have a little money mom had given to me yesterday.  I was saving it for emergencies. 

"Where are you headed?" I then asked.

"Lagrange," he replied and didn't elaborate.

He wasn't the talkative type and kept on walking the tracks towards Atlanta.  I was getting strange vibes from him and was glad to see him go.

I really want to go shopping today south of Atlanta at that Southern railway inspired train shop.  I am thinking of asking Dad for a hundred dollars to do so.   I need more kits to assemble and weather. It is a long shot, but I am going to give it a try.   


mosiacmind said...

hey andrew..i am so glad that you got out and took a walk. i had an idea about your dad amd the money..ask him for the money you would need for gas and for the things that you want and for you for eating out and stuff and then tell your dad that you are willing to when you come back to give him the receit from the stores and gas station to give to him and by doing that gain another level of trust from him. what do you think of that idea?
i am glad that the guy keep walking one has got to be careful no matter where one is these days.

Barb said...

You should volunteer your expertise to a shelter, and work with persons that are ready to be in a housing situation. You offer a perspective that is valuable, and if nothing else it could be volunteer until deemed valuable enough to pay. I admire your gifts!

Jessica said...

You should do it!! :)

Kelly Jene said...

I sure hope your dad invests in your hobbies. You seem to enjoy it so much.

M said...

that was a good post. i liked it. well written.