Friday, May 30, 2008

"I hate God!" she said.

It has been several weeks since I quit taking Benadryl.  I now have a large stockpile of the pills in my kitchen cabinet.  Dad still gives me six at night.  My doctor originally suggested Benadryl for my anxiety.  The active ingredient in the allergy medicine is commonly used in sleeping pills.  It does help to calm you down and make you mellow.  I just couldn't take a reasonable amount.  I would take six at a time to get a buzz from the pills.  

Joyce has been acting strangely today.  I keep watching out my kitchen window to find her pacing on her carport.  I am tempted to walk out and talk to her.  I am just afraid I might startle her and make things worse.  The last time she did this I had to call the paramedics.  She kept screaming she hated god.  The police arrived and said it was a religious matter and urged me to call her pastor. "She's mentally ill!" I pleaded with the officers in black.  The police finally got her family involved and got her in the hospital. 

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M said...

oh...benadryl is my favorite drug....i am not worried so much about how many i take. but i did get worried about how much i craved it!
i would take it purposely to feel different even if i wasn't have allergy symptoms. then i would add sudafed to pep me back up...and mix in alcohol and an anti depressent occasionally. i did that for a couple of years but have dialed it down this past year.