Sunday, May 25, 2008

Don't Forget!

We have a mission to Mars landing today. The Mars' Phoenix lander is set to hurl through the upper atmosphere within the next hour or so. I bet the scientists are all pins and needles waiting for word from the craft.

Mars Phoenix Website


Brad said...

I DID forget - thanks for the reminder and link!

SOUL: said...

not only did i forget-- i didn't even KNOW.
so i guess i don't have to tell you -- i didn't see it--that IS if it was on TV.
did you?
i am so out of the loop.
if you did see it-- i hope you enjoyed it!
happy monday!

simonsays said...

Hey Andrew, I just now got all caught up on your blog, and your life. It seems things are rolling along okay for you...some good days, some not so good. Just like all of us, I would say. I really appreciate your encouraging words recently, they mean alot.

I hope that you have a wonderful holiday today. What will you be doing? Is your weather great? It has been so stormy here, and I know YOU love that, but me...not so much.

Take good care, my friend. Have a great week. :)