Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things Going On...

I am struggling with those anxiety attacks again.  They came on suddenly.  My stomach is a mess of butterflies.  I don't want to dwell on it though.  I've tried so hard to make this a positive blog.  I am drinking lots of water and staying away from caffeine today. 

I think my rancor for The Homeless Guy has passed.  I have been reading lately and have been happy for him -- encouraging him in his comments which he never publishes.  He is like me and doesn't have a lot of comforts in life.  I hope he enjoys his new laptop and the video game, SecondLife.

Dad has decided we are going to Outback for my birthday.  I casually mentioned their Rockhampton Ribeye as being my favorite steak.  "Let's go when you are rested so no hurry," I told him. 

I wish I could sleep around the clock.  It was so nice sleeping with Maggie last night.  She stayed by my side all evening.  I fell asleep listening to Coast to Coast AM and woke up to infomercials.  Maybe that is why I have this sudden urge to spend money on useless things.  I am mesmerized by Billie Mays and his "Ground Aug" infomercial.  Every time he says "shipping and processing" I get excited! LOL


luvulongtime said...

Is today your bday? Happy bday!! Caffeine can usually make anxiety worse so I hope the water helps! I got a rocket grill from an infomercial. It's amazing!

PipeTobacco said...

Hello Sir:

Yes, ample drinking of water should help you urinate out the stress hormones that are part and parcel of anxiety attacks.


Tee said...

All that coke is probably contributing to some of that anxiety. I wouldn't be able to sleep drinking all that coke, so I try to stick to water. It doesn't give me the jidders.

ry said...


well happy birthday!