Friday, April 11, 2008

Saint Ex-Wife!

What to do?  What do you do with someone who is mentally ill?  We, as humans, live our whole lives -- a complex symphony orchestrated by our brains.  What do you do when the brain malfunctions?  There are no tests, MRIs, or x-rays.  It manifests itself in our behavior which becomes aberrant.  It is easy to lock someone up if they break a law, but what if your trusted friend and neighbor is naked in her home and screaming at the top of her lungs?  Do you rush in?  Call 911? Call family?  I knew from past happenings that the police were the ones to call about Joyce as her family kind of disdains her.  It took a call to my father to get up the courage, but I did and they finally helped.   I now know what my ex-wife put up with me being noncompliant with my medications for all those years.  The craziness.  The thinking God was speaking to me through the Internet and television.  She was a saint.  And I only wish she knew me now.  We would still be married.  She loved me more than anything.  Bless you, Rachel, and God bless Joyce (and give her some meds that work).


mago said...

Caramba. Tough action over there. I hope the lady becomes calm and collected again. I think you did the right thing - you can not look away and ignore, and there must be professional help.

Leann said...

Andrew, I've watched so many people come through the ER with loved ones who have gone off of their meds and often wondered the very same thing. How do they deal with this day in and day out. I'm not sure I'm strong enough. Would love be stronger than the sickness?
Kudos to anyone who can live that kind of life.

Tee said...

Yes, God bless Joyce. My heart just hurts for her. You have a very big advantage over Joyce, your family loves and cares for you. It seems like her family only gets involved when they absolutely have to. That is so sad. If only her meds could be adjusted to help her. Another advantage you have, your meds are working, BECAUSE you are taking them.