Friday, April 25, 2008

Okay Day

This is my most boring post ever, but it is all I feel like doing!

It has been an okay day.  I've had to fight off panic attacks all day, though.  It is starting to feel normal this not feeling normal.  The highlight of my day was a late lunch.  Mom and I bought all kinds of healthy food to eat yesterday.  I grilled chicken marinated in Italian dressing, made a yellow squash casserole, and ate a salad.

I'm at work now.  It is raining outside and it makes me wish I was home and in the bed.  Mom and Dad are off to Birmingham, Al for my cousin's wedding.  I don't envy them of that task. 

I had another terrible attack last night.  Dad was concerned I was drinking and that's what was causing these sudden attacks.  He searched my house, fridge, and my trash for beer cans.  He didn't find anything cause I haven't been doing anything wrong.  That will exacerbate the attacks him doing that.  I finally fell asleep around midnight and rested all night without waking.  This morning, as you know, was spent with some of the gang. 


SOUL: said...

wow andrew-- your meal sounds great-- wanna come cook dinner over here?? :))

sorry you're feelin bad.. i know how that can be. hope it settles down soon.

hope your dad chills out too. just try to ignore him. let him be suspicious.. if you've done nothing wrong, just let him do his thing and move on. maybe that's easier said than done-- sorry. hope he learns to relax a bit.

happy friday-

C.A. said...

I can see how your Dad searching the house for booze could make your attacks worse.

We all have these days sometimes. Just so-so. I think they are to balance out all the really great ones and the really baaaaaaaaad ones. :)

Thanks so much, again, for mentioning my blog...I've had more visitors than ever before thanks to you! :)

Snuggle down in bed with Maggie and listen to the radio tonight as you peacefully drift off to sleep, my friend.