Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Me Time...

Spent another morning down at the railyard.  I gawked as great mechanical behemoths carried tons and tons of freight.  This is my "me" time -- my time to rest and relax, and to forget about work and all my troubles.  At one point, I was daring and climbed a signal masthead to look down the tracks.  The kid in me squealed with glee!  Callous hands holding silver painted rungs stung as I climbed down.  I retired to the bench behind the bank to look at my magazines and wait on one more train before leaving.  I am blessed that we've had a lot of traffic on the railways near my house.

I was overjoyed this morning when The Homeless Guy finally got an apartment.  Yes, he can be brash and arrogant.  But no one deserves to flounder, mired in homelessness.  I felt as if I have been on one big journey reading his blog for years and it was the end.  Finis.  The next big step for him will be coming up with $150 dollars rent and keeping it. 

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mosiacmind said...

Sounds like a great morning! I am glad that you got out and spent some time with the good weather that you are having. It is in the 50's today so a bit colder than I would like for it to be. the picture of Maggie is so cute she reminds me of Gracie. hope that you have a good rest of the day