Monday, April 28, 2008

Little Beauty...

These flowers were across the street in my neighbor's yard.  I clandestinely snuck over to take a photograph.  They smell heavenly. 



you are very welcome.
You're not allowed to repay, either! cause it's a gift.
and I know how much you'll enjoy it!! :)
Pay it forward-but that's something you already do, so see, you are getting back from all that you do to help those around you! :)

Happy birthday,


p.s. Beautiful picture!!

Cheryl said...

Hi honey, I'm home. Thanks for your e-mails. It was a great trip but I'm pooped. I've spent the day relaxing.

I was just looking at your sobriety counter. Can you believe it's been almost a half year since you've had a drink? Are you amazed that you've stopped drinking? You should be proud, proud of yourself. You've come so far.

I've caught up on the posts I've missed and I don't think you need to worry about your blog or the readership. You have a lot of friends here, and we'd rather you not hang out with the gang just so you can write about them. We'll stick by you no matter what you write. We're all just people living ordinary lives and that's what we like to hear about.

Is it raining out your way today? It's been relentless here.

jane said...

that looks like the mountain laurel i ahve growing in my yard that is nowhere ready to bloom yet. i'm in jersey thoough :)

been meaning to write - your blog is never boring - it's a snapshot into your life - i love reading it. i love mademoiselle maggie too - she's the living end!

justLacey said...

They look heavenly too. I wish I could smell them.