Sunday, April 13, 2008

Incredible Joy!

Charlie brought by two ribeye steak dinners for lunch.  He bastes his steaks in this rich butter and A-1 sauce as he grills them that is so delicious. 

"Be sure to give Maggie some," Charlie told me as he was leaving. "I will see you tonight."

Well, Maggie is one happy dog.  She keeps searching the house for more as one steak must not have been enough.  I have never been happier being able to give that to her.  Seeing her happy brings me incredible joy -- the kind of joy that is comparable to kids at Christmas and Model Railroaders putting the final golden spike on a layout.

I am feeling so-so today.  I am crossing my fingers that the doldrums stay away -- trying to keep a chipper and upbeat mood.  I am so obsessive-compulsive, though, and have drank a twelve pack of diet cokes since waking.  I am praying my injection keeps working till Dad gets back tomorrow and I have ready access to my Risperidone again.  I certainly don't want to feel ill today.  I wish I could sleep a few days ahead in time until my next injection and wish to put these trying days behind me.   It will be touch and go, but I am going to do my best to stay on the up and up.     


Tee said...

145 Days SOBER!!!!! Wonderful!!!
Why don't you and Maggie take a ride out in to the country side on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Take your camera, there are bound to be some good photo ops. Too bad there's not a dog park there in town, you could take your fur baby to the doggie park to play. :-)

justLacey said...

Hang in there, you are doing a great job. I know it's been hard. how come no Risperidone while dad is gone? Can't Charlie give it to you?
Those ribeyes sound yummy. I'm taking some out of the freezer for dinner. You made me hungry!

SOUL: said...

that makes me laugh-- your dog gets rib eye--and i get pork butt. hmm. seems a little backwards-- but i bet mine was better-- haha.
although-- rib eye is my favorite steak! i bet she loved it!

hope you're hangin in and doin well.
i know that feeling of wanting to sleep the duldroms away-- seems it works the opposite effect after a while though. fresh air and activity is the best medicine-- most of the time anyways.
course you know i love my naps too-- :))
hope you have a great day-