Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Incorrigible Souls...

Went down to the shopping center this afternoon.  I drove and parked near the Piggly Wiggly.  Big S was sitting out front on a bench.  I walked over and asked him a thousand questions about the gang and George.  It seems the gang is still around, just not as much.

"What happened to George and his supposed cirrhosis?" I asked Big S

Big S chuckled and said, "George be cuttin' down his drinkin' drastically.  He still be with Pookie and playin' poker every Saturday night."

"I always worried Pookie would get George hooked on crack!" I then exclaimed.

Big S chuckled some more as I sat and smiled. 

It was good spending some time with Big S along with an appearance by Dexter.  I might just start writing about the gang again.  I certainly need to give this blog some focus and to have something meaningful to do. 


SOUL: said...

good to hear you hooked up with some ole friends-- but don't forget what they say about those slippery places eh?

hope your day is a good one

happy humpday!!

Summer said...

I know your life isn't an easy one. If it was just alcoholism it would be just one thing to deal with. I want you to know how much I admire you for all that you fight with every day. I know for sure that you will make it.

Brad said...

Glad to find a 'shopping center' post here tonight. I've read your blog for quite sometime. It was through you that I found Summer. I thank you for that. She's a very good friend. Through Summer I found others and got inspired to start blogging again. You have a positive impact far a field that you might not even know about. I hope blogging gives you a way to connect with that doesn't stir up your social anxiety. Hope your doing well tonight.

PipeTobacco said...


Maybe you could go see George and his Mom? I bet they would enjoy seeing you.


Cheryl said...

It sounds like you've been out of sorts. Those darn anxiety attacks will do that to you. They can just spring up out of nowhere. I hope tomorrow finds you back on track and excited about the day. Your flower pictures were beautiful, btw.

Thank you for the very nice comment you left me. It made my day!

Tory said...

Your comment on my blog was so beautiful, I almost cried. You are such a wonderful person, so go easy on yourself. You've overcome so much lately and you should consider how far you've come since your homeless days. It's like night and day.
Just one question...what's a Piggly Wiggly? It sounds hilarious!
Big Hugs for you and Maggie.
Take care, my friend

forsythia said...

HI, Andrew. Sounds like you're doing OK, despite those darned anxiety attacks. My husband and daughter get them, too, so I empathize. I think they ease off as you get older, so that, at least, is something good about getting older. I wanted to tell you something else, but now I've forgotten what it was, which is NOT one of the good things about getting older.

Oh, yes. Now I remember. The Piggly-Wiggly. Those of us who've vacationed down south know all about the P/W. The other day I watched that wonderful classic, Driving Miss Daisy. As Morgan Freeman said to Jessica Tandy (marvelous actors, both), "Miss Daisy, all I want to do is drive you to the PIggly-Wiggly.) Miss Daisy needed to do some grocery shopping.


What Brad said was the truth!
Here's to you!
And thursday.
And Trains.
And old friends.
and virtual ones, too! :)

Tee said...

Look at you! Sober 156 days! That is GREAT! I hope you are feeling better. Staying off the cokes will probably help, I just can't drink them, besides they are terrible for your bones. I'm glad you recognize your commitment to little Maggie. After all she is your fur baby. :-)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Hearing about the 'gang' is interesting....but just be careful. They represent a lifestyle you cannot dabble in...even though you are very tempted. Remember what mama always said..."you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas". Have a wonderful day, Andrew. Thank you for your comment on my blog.

CJM-R said...

Panic attacks are so difficult to cope with. I hope you get relief soon.

You are an amazing man, Andrew. You will get through this bump in the road.