Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flowers At Sunset...

Saw these over in Joyce's yard by her mailbox.  I loved the way they looked in the waning light of the day.  Some type of day lily?



I just was reading your twitter comments..sorry to hear about the anxiety attack!!

I'm doing a tv turn off week with my young boys, and like a MORON, I also told them computer and electronics are included in that. So naturally, I have to follow that until they're in bed..

Luckily I caught a quiet moment and just snuck on to say hi!


Kelly Jene said...

Stunning! I don't know what that red one is but wow, thats gorgeous!

Jessica said...

Pretty, Pretty! I love how you incorporate pictures into your blog. :)

mngirl said...

The red ones are called amaryllis.

CJM-R said...

I love your photos... I love your blog...

Sorry you were having a spell of anxiety attacks. But you seem to be handling them better now. Water does help.


Tory said...

Hi Andrew..I was behind on your blog because I've been having eye problems. Sorry about that. I've missed you.
Anxiety attacks are the worst. I get them all the time. The Dr. gave me some meds for them. They help a bit.
I can't believe that you happen to be talking about smoking. I am going through hell right now trying to quit and I can't. I feel like a big loser!! I just keep screwing up and my poor kid is dissappointed every time. Even that doesn't stop me. I think I need to pray long and hard for help.
I love the pictures you take. It's still pretty brown around where I live and kind of depressing. Even if it was green and springlike, you know I'm agoraphobic and wouldn't see anything anyway. O.k. I'll stop bitching now. Sorry about that. Unlike you, I have my Hubby to talk to, but he is so normal, although he tries, he just doesn't understand. You know how it is...
Anyway, keep blogging, you keep me going and I can live vicariously through your lovely photos.
I am in love with Maggie and would love to see video of you both barking at each other! That would be funny.
Take care of yourself, my friend.
Kisses for you and Maggie

Anita said...

Hi Andrew,

Finding something to be grateful for every day reaaly helps - like seeing these gorgeous flowers for example :-)


engrata herself said...

nice shot! i like the red flower. your photos are great!

Jean said...

The red flower is an amaryllis. The pink is evening primrose. Nice pics.

During a recent illness when it was an effort just to check my email, I checked your blog every day just to make sure that you were okay, and your Mom and Dad, too.

I've watched you return from a depth that must really be painful. I'd make an amateur diagnosis -- 'lacks insight' -- and then watch as you gained that insight. I agonized with you over the Christmas dinner with your folks. I'm hopeful that your birthday, Mother's Day and Father's Day will be better. Tiny steps, no need to obsess.

The little dog, so precious, gives you reason for keeping on. Hang in there.