Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Deserted Islands for Deserving Souls...

Last night found me sitting in my Lazy Boy after my father left. Cordless phone in hand, I was talking to Rosa. We still tease each other about getting back together. Frankly, I miss her. I miss her craziness. I miss her quirks. I also miss waking up to a warm body besides Maggie in my bed.

"Tell me about your day!" she asked.

"Oh, I fixed computers, played with Maggie, ate a good supper," I replied.

My response was very generic and I was careful not to mention the emotional outpouring between Dad and I. That would have immediately turned her mood sour. Will we ever get back together? I doubt it, but I haven't given up hope yet.

The phone call ended with her talking joyously of her new apartment.

"Having a working dishwasher is wondrous!" She exclaimed.

"What's Ferret been doing?" I then asked.

"I never see him," she said. "He stays gone all the time. He only has a mattress and a TV in that apartment, though."

I smiled. Ferret always loved living on the edge. Rosa and I said our goodnights and soon I was dosing off in my chair with a Model Railroader open in my lap. My age old ritual of washing my face and putting on my sleeping clothes commenced.

"Andrew, you look tired," I told myself as I stood in the mirror of my bathroom.

And I did. It was another exasperating day of emotional and human interaction. Other people stymie me. Their wants. Their desires. Their needs. I am still waiting on winning the lottery and buying me a small deserted island in the South Pacific. And that's not likely to happen.


Cheryl said...

Do you play the lottery? I never think of buying a ticket, but boy would I love to win. It's fun to think about what to spend the money on.

What will this Tuesday find you doing? Is the sun shining there. It was here, but not any more. I'm getting ready for a long work day, but wanted to stop by to say hi. I hope today finds you well. What will you be up to?

Tory said...

Andrew, if you do win, can I come to the island to visit sometimes? We could go fishing together..do you like fishing?
Take care

C.A. said...

Fiji, my friend. Fiji is the place to be.

I love that you have not given up hope about reuniting with Rosa. Sometimes hope is all we have. It's been about 2 years for me with my "someone" and I'm STILL hoping...

I hope you have a wonderful day, and are rested.

Hugs to you and Maggie!

Cindi Ann

Portia said...

Nothing wrong with dreaming:) I can relate to the joy of having a dishwasher, my what a difference it makes.
I hope you awake feeling rested and today is a good one!


don't stop the dreams from happening, little things and little dreams grow to big ones..

I am glad for the sunshine that you and Rosa are experiencing right now, it's nice for you.. :)

I hope you rested well!

kristi said...

I am glad that you and Rosa can talk. I know you two care about one another. I too, have days like this where I just want to be left alone but my job is around people and then I have children. Not an option!