Friday, April 25, 2008

Cigarettes as Money...

Dexter was following me through downtown this morning.  I was walking from the railyard up to the shopping center.  He was like a lost puppy. 

"Give me some cigarettes," he pleaded.

"You don't even smoke!" I exclaimed.

"I need them for something," he replied.

"You need them to bribe Big S and Ferret," I responded.

Dexter giggled nervously.  Just what he was going to bribe them for I have no idea and was afraid to ask.  Dexter may be retarded, but he is streetwise.  He knows cigarettes are like currency within the gang.  It may be something as simple as getting them to buy him some lunch which is often the case.

"I'll give you five," I then said.

Dexter grinned feverishly and set out for the shopping center ahead of me.  He was a man on a mission.  I found out later it was some $2 bootleg DVDs he was wanting from the flea market in the shopping center.  He was hoping to trade the cigarettes for cash.  I never found out if he actually got the DVDs.    


mosiacmind said...

Hi Andrew...thanks for stopping by my blog. I still get amazed at how much we are alike and because of that even though we never have met in person yet since we have some of the same struggles i feel close to you and sleep better when I know that you are alright. I am happy for you getting out and such....besides just for work. I hope that you have a really good weekend...and I will check to see if any new posts during the weekend. I think often times that it is just us two who post on the weekend....i am trying to do more on the weekends like go to the library since for whatever reason I do much better on saturdays when i do something otherwise if is one of the days im get in a funk....and depression or bipolar or the d.i.d. is worse.........have a good day my friend

Kelly Jene said...

It's nice to hear a tale of the "gang" again. Take care!