Thursday, April 24, 2008


The girls at work are busybodies.  Dad says it gets on his nerves.  I find it interesting in a way.  They all don't have lives, work a lot, and stay in each other's business.

"Have you thought about dating again?" Veronica asked me after I had settled in my office today.  We were continuing a conversation that started when I arrived.

"Not really," I said, not thinking much about it.

"I have a girlfriend I might want to hook you up with," she then said smiling.

"Oh no!" I exclaimed. "Let's not go there.  I think I am going to be single for quite a long time!"

"Just let me know," Veronica said poking her head back in my office door with a smile.

I sat and smiled as I thought about how that would really get the gossip galley to murmuring.  The girls would eat that up.  They all think it is so strange that I am 36 and not married.   Most of them don't remember Rachel or the hell I put her through.

Still, it is tempting.  I would just blabber on about my past substance abuse and my mental illness and ruin it all, though.  I think a prospective date should know and that usually nips them in the bud in the beginning.   Rosa had her own row to hoe that I never talked about on this blog.  That is why she was so forgiving of me.   


mosiacmind said...

When I read this one of the first things that I thought of how nice that the people there you and them are getting to know each other and such. I hope that you have a good rest of the day and that Maggie also has a good rest of the day


the girls at work think you're cute!

That's why I'm glad I had three sons,..broads are busybodies, you're right! We're always trying to fix or arrange something.. :)