Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Trainy Easter

It is Easter morning and I am hanging out at the railroad tracks.  I am sitting on the bench by the railroad museum.  Not one train has graced my presence since I've been down here.  The train crews must have Easter off.  Disappointed, I walk on up to the shopping center.  It is closed.   It reminds me of how disappointed I always was when I was homeless and holidays arrived. The holidays always left you with nothing to do and reminded you of how lonely you were. 

I walk on around the shopping center and pass by the spot where Clara used to sleep.  It makes me think of her and the fact that I haven't heard from her in months.  You can still see the remnants of her addictions.  Beer and liquor bottles, and old discarded and empty packs of cigarettes.

On up the street from the shopping center, I pass by Rosa's dilapidated home.  She is soon to move into another apartment when it gets ready.   Her new apartment is being quickly remodeled.  I entertain the thought that I will call her today and see how she is doing.  "Nah," I think when I muse over it.  I don't want to sound desperate.  I don't want to exhibit weakness.

A mile later and I am walking by Joyce's and Mr. Ed's house.  The sun is hanging high on the horizon and the once chilly morning has turned into a gorgeous day.  I see Maggie sitting in the fence and sigh with relief.  She hasn't gotten out again.  My little jaunt is over as I walk inside and pull off my pull-over.  Maggie comes tearing into the den to thoroughly sniff me -- the smells on my clothes being a roadmap to where I have been.  It is good to be home.       


mosiacmind said...

Hi Andrew...It sounded like even though you did not get to talk to people or see any trains...l: ( that it was good for you to get out I think. Holidays I think can be hard for those of us who are single. Gracie always has to sniff me when I get back to like see where I have been or most important to her is if I have petted any animals and such. I hope that you have a peaceful rest of the day. I think that even though it was tempting it was taking care of yourself by not calling or visiting Rosa. I am glad that Maggie did not get out...that would be scarey to me if Gracie ever did that. I am amazed at how stupid people can be in my complex with letting their dogs run without a leash since we are near one of the busiest intersections in the city! i really hope that you have a great day..........i do care friend.

♥ Kirs@Rhette ♥ said...

Happy Easter Andrew :)

Jessica said...

Happy Easter!