Friday, March 14, 2008

Special Delivery

One of my deliveries tonight was to Joyce... and she wasn't home! LOL  I put the prescription bag on my piano to take to her later. 

I am always intrigued by people's houses when I do deliveries.  People seem to be divided into two camps: neat as a pen and horribly messy.  One lady's house I delivered to tonight was filled with junk.  You almost couldn't get to the door so much junk was scattered about with countless cats sitting on everything.  The house reeked of a long unattended litter box, and I couldn't wait for her to pay me and get on my way.  I've owned cats before, but decided I never wanted to scoop or clean another litter box so abstained from getting another.

My final delivery was a younger African American lady who just didn't have a way to get to the drug store.  She turned out to be one of the nicest and most talkative persons I have delivered to since I started work.  "Thank you, baby," she told me even though I couldn't have been much younger than her. 

On the way home, I filled up the drug store's delivery van with gas.  It cost over fifty bucks.  Luckily, All I had to do was charge it to my father's account.  I am always uneasy when I do that fearing they will not know who I am and will want me to pay cash.  Can't squeeze blood out of this turnip as the old saying goes.  


mosiacmind said...

have you been able to get the glue that you needed? i hope that you have a good evening.

Summer said...

I love it when someone calls another person "baby." I call my youngest that. It's just something so sweet and kind about it.

That made me smile tonight.

Mongolai said...

Haha!! Occasionally my (elderly) parents want me to fill their cars up with gas, and they "let" me use their credit cards. The same exact fears about the card not going through and having to pay cash go through my head :-)

So far I've only had to bail on a pay-at-the-pump once.

On an unrelated note, I noticed on your twitter updates that you're wondering whether or not your blog has come full circle, and I'll ask you this: does full circle mean that you've ended up where you began, or does it mean that you've "closed a loop" in your life so that you can move on?

Anonymous Boxer said...

I just came by to say how happy am I that you're working and enjoying your new hobby. It's so inspiring to see all of your hard work turn into success.

C. R. Morris said...

I love reading about the people you deliver to. I'm a people watcher. I love hearing about their homes and their personalities. It seems that your job has brought you some great writing material! And I know that I say, "I know what you mean" a lot, but the whole gas card issue and worrying about it, I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!

mosiacmind said...

i really like cr enjoy people watching and enjoyo hearing about people. even though you do not think you can write about rosa and such i know lots of us are still interested in what is going on with you so even if you do not feel up to blogging for awhile how about checking in some for those of us who do care and want to know how you are doing....just an idea

alias Molly Brown said...

Write about the things you, camping, model railroading, etc.

You can give lessons to us in any of those areas.

Have fun with your photos like Pioneer Woman does.

Show us more of your town surroundings like Nengaku"s Hermitage does:

Write about other experiences you have had.

You have lots of potential with your blog, Andrew.