Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So Lonesome, It Hurts!

One of the elderly ladies I delivered to tonight was so starved for companionship.  She invited me in and started showing me pictures of her grandchildren.  She talked as if she hadn't talked to someone in days.   I feigned interest and stayed a good fifteen minutes.  I wanted to get home, though, to settle in my nightly routine of Bruce Williams' radio show.  How do you kindly leave someone who so needs you -- needs anyone?  Sadly, I know how she feels and should be more sympathetic and less selfish.   I vow on this blog to try and make more time for others like her at work.  That could be me some day and I have often felt to the point of being crazed I was so lonesome.  


Leann said...

Andrew, you are so right in that she probably had few people who really talk TO her and listen.

It's a noble vow to make and I hope you are able to follow through.

Blessings to you

Josie Two Shoes said...

Lonliness is probably one of the most pervasive ailments of our society,and it makes every other problem a person faces feel so much worse. I am proud of you for taking a little of your time to visit with this woman, I am sure you totally made her day! :-)

Kelly Jene said...

Making time when you can would be a blessing to so many lonely people. I think we should all strive to do that if we know someone in need. Good on you, Andrew!

justLacey said...

When you make time for others it fills something inside of you also. It only takes a few minutes and brings such joy to the other person as well. You're a good man.

SOUL: said...

hey there-- good job... one of those random acts of kindness things eh.. it will stay with you for a while, and that's nice-- for both of you. that lady may have spent days without talking to anybody at all. fifteen minutes was an hour to her i bet.
happy thursday!
go fishin man!

Judy said...

You have so much to offer! You are very insightful and very kind!