Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just Like Defaming Christ...

Lunchtime found me in Lagrange at an AA meeting.  My friend Wanda was there and was so anxious for us to talk afterwards.  The thoroughly routine meeting ended and we left.  

"You've got a sponsor, right?" she asked me as we were walking to our cars.

"No," I replied sheepishly. "I have never managed to keep one."

"Wasn't Philip your temporary sponsor?" Wanda then asked.

"Yeah, but Philip is an AA asshole!" I quipped.

You should've seen the look on Wanda's face.  It looked almost as if I had defamed the name of Christ.

"He was just a little too AA for me," I said backpeddling with kinder words.

Wanda left and I got in my car to drive home.  I kept thinking why I had never gotten a sponsor.  I won't call them for one thing.  My social anxieties get in the way.  It would take a very forceful and forward sponsor to bring me out of my shell.    


mosiacmind said...

I did not do well with a sponser so I did not have one for almost my whole time I have been sober.It works for me....different people have different things that work for them. it seems to me that you are like me and do better without one. i think due to our social issues it works better for us to use ourselves as our own sponser.

Ryan Davies said...

Hehe, AA asshole. Genius.

Sharyna said...

I never work with a sponsor and stayed sober for 9 years. As with you, it's the phone phobia that keeps it from working.


Mongolai said...

Those of us who have been there know the great benefit of a *worthwhile* sponsor. But a dickhead sponsor does no-one any good.
And who knows, maybe you have had a sponsor all along. What is a sponsor anyway?