Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hesitate To Post

I've had some really good days lately.  The good days can be coy and cunning in that they can trick you into thinking you are cured.  Today is a bad day.  I am struggling deeply.   My mind feels overly busy and discombobulated.  I walked into work and immediately shut the door to my office.  I didn't want anyone to know something is wrong.  I have a handful of deliveries to make and then I am headed home again. 

My addictive personality wants me to ask my father for some Benadryl, but I have already proved to myself that taking them was addictive to me.  I can't just take six and will take twelve so as to go to sleep until I awake feeling better.  Entirely too much to take. 

This will pass with some rest.  It always does -- at least I pray and hope so.  Nine times out of ten I will wake up at lunch tomorrow feeling renewed and refreshed.  Let's get it to where I can just lie down.  Five deliveries await. 

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Kelly Jene said...

Don't ever hesitate to post. Good days don't mean that life isn't going to throw a stinky day in the mix.