Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Deeds Done Cheap...

Helen was surly this morning when I swung by my parent's house to get some Tylenol.  She only said two words to me.  I broke a tooth this morning eating my cereal and it was oh so sensitive. Mom was still in the bed as I walked down that long hall to her bedroom. 

"I don't want to go buy groceries and get my hair fixed," she told me with the covers still over her head.

"I'll go get you and dad's groceries, but I can't do anything about your hair appointment," I told her.

"Really?" Mom asked jubilantly as she threw the covers off her head.  "You don't mind?"

"It means you will have to give me a check though.  I don't think dad would approve."

"I am not worried about that," Mom said as she jumped out of bed so spritely I almost didn't recognize her. 

An hour later, I had returned with a Honda CR-V full of groceries.  Mom was so appreciative and I had done my good deed for the day.  


Ladyfriend said...

Andrew- I know this has nothing to do with today's blog, but I want to let you know that I made the Chicken spaghetti yesterday. Oh my good gravy it was sooo good! Thanks a bunch for telling me about 'The Pioneer Woman Cooks'! It's my 2nd favorite blog :)

Tee said...

Look at you, 132 days sober. GREAT JOB! KEEP GOING! What's wrong with Helen? Is she often like that? You were so sweet to do your Mom's grocery shopping. I would love to have some shop for me. I just hate going to the grocery store, then you have to come home and put all that stuff up and then you are EXPECTED to do something with the stuff bought, like cook.

I do love Pioneer Woman's blog, thanks for pointing me in that direction.

Ryan Davies said...

Hopefully Helen's two words to you were nice ones.

CJM-R said...

How good for your mom that she has you to help her out!

Have a nice evening.


Kelly Jene said...

That was nice of you! It's great to be able to do good deeds like that. Gives a good feeling inside.

Cheryl said...

I got a laugh thinking of your mom's quick recovery after finding out you'd do her shopping. Funny!

What will you do about your tooth?

I hope tomorrow lives up to your expectations. :)

ac said...

I was just wondering the other day what happened to your friend George?

Your blog is NOT boring! You write with an honesty and sweetness to be envied. I wish I could talk about my life with the same openness.

Kudos to you! ac

Summer said...

He's great isn't he ac?

justLacey said...

You did do a good deed and I know your mom appreciated it. Ibet you felt good as well. My good deed was finding a little lost dog behind our yard and calling her owner. I know I would be beside myself if my dog was gone, but they hadn't even noticed her missing yet and thought she was in the house, lol. She was happy to go home. Her name was Roxy.