Monday, March 31, 2008

Extended Tour of Duty

"Will you wait two more weeks for the money?" my father asked me tonight.

"Why two weeks?" I asked.

"I am going to Houston for a wedding and want to be home to see how you do," Dad replied. 

"I would love nothing more than to go eat lunch tomorrow.  Or drive to Auburn to buy a trains magazine," I said. 

"I know," Dad replied. "But you would be doing me a favor.  I just want you to be okay."

"Well, my brother and sister always listened to you and your advice and they turned out to be doctors.  I am going to listen to you as well."

"Love you, son," Dad said as he hugged me.  "Love you so much."


Upsy-Downsy said...

Proud of you for how you handled this disappointment. I am sure it tells your father a lot about you, also.

Leann said...

I'm very proud of you Andrew. I know how disappointed you must be but know you'll appreciate it even more by the time you do get it.

Kelly Jene said...

I know you must have felt disappointed. This will make the moment so much more joy-filled when the two weeks is up. Big hugs!

anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Andrew. Your father is a cruel man. You deserve better.

mago said...

Oh man ... I am very sorry to hear that.

justLacey said...

I know it's disappointing, but 2 weeks isn't that long and perhaps your dad will surprise you then. We are all so happy about how well you are doing. I know you must be too and I am sure your dad is ecstatic. He has never lied to you before and I'm sure he will make good on his word. He did ask you, not tell you and your answer shows how well you are doing.

simonsays said...

I think you are so terrific! And the progress that you have made this past year is nothing short of amazing. I'm serious. You just keep on keepin' on...


Cheryl said...

You know how they say if you smile you'll be happier? That smiling brings on a chemical reaction in the brain? Well, I think your positive attitude is what's making you handle this disappoint so well. That and the Risperdal. I wish you'd known about the wait in advance. Things don't always go as we plan and we have to just roll with it. That's what you're doing and I'm so glad you had a heartfelt talk with your dad.

impromptublogger said...

I'm sorry he blindsided you on that. That wasn't very fair. And belated congrats on 4 MONTHS!!!!!

forsythia said...

A disappointment, but you handled it so well.

The Little Woman and Hubby said...

Andrew, your dad only wants the best for you. It's so great you told him you love him. I know he loves you, otherwise, he wouldn't be investing all this time and energy into you. You are loved. By the way, your blog is not boring.

ry said...

oh man
that's quite the disappointment

i wish tho, that you hadn't run out of your medicine at the exact same time. i can see how that would make the disappointment harder to deal with.

stay strong, Andrew
don't let the disappointment ruin all your hard work.
hold the course, don't give your dad any reason to not give you money in 2 weeks.

(i read you every day, seldom comment, but am rooting for you every step of the way)

Jbeeky said...

That would have aggravated me and I am glad you handled it with grace and maturity!

A. J. said...

My former boss failed to pay me once. I put his head in a pizza oven until he gave me cash. Of course... that was my boss and not my dad. Had it been my dad I would just understand and be patient. You handled it well and you have overcome so much since I started reading this blog years ago.

Marsha said...

I agree that you handled it well. The unfortunate part is that you don't see that your father is controling you.

He didn't have to wait until the very day you expected the money! He knew he had your hopes up and he knew he wasn't giving it to you! The person who said it was cruel was right on the pun intended. Andrew, wake up!

It's very irrisponsible (not to mention probably illegal) for a PHARMACIST to enable you with your benedryl addiction. Not only is he a pharmacist, he's your guardian and FATHER.

That's not love. That's control.
You should have a long talk with your social worker and find a way to get out from under his thumb.

Marsha said...


Sorry for the typo.

SOUL: said...

hmmmm... not sure what exactly the money is that you were expecting-- sorry , i am behind in my visiting-- i need to do somethin about that :((

but really-- yes you did handle it well-- i'm not so sure i would have been so calm, with someone .. even a parent--- holding out on me that way. he is a man who seems to not be hurtin for money-- i don't get why he wouldn't give it to you.

anyhow-- not my place to criticize here-- but you did good. besides-- now you have something to look forward to eh? maybe buy TWO magazines-- just to spite him.

boy i don't sound very nice today do i? :(( sorry.

anyhow-- c ya round -- hope your day is good to you!