Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Emotional Day

I've been emotional all day.  It started with Joyce's and my hug and followed me into work.

"Will you carry that old computer down to the basement?"  My father's co-pharmacist asked me not long after arriving. 

"Sure," I said as I got busy and carried it down.

I started to cry walking down the steps and surprised myself.  It had been a rough day regarding my mental illness, and I guess I just needed to let something out. 

I wiped my tears away upon returning upstairs.  I grabbed my deliveries and headed out.  I cried again in the car being careful to wipe my tears with each delivery.   Lord knows we don't want to let anyone know we cried and I hesitated to write about it on here.  

Joyce was going to church when I arrived home.  She stopped her car just as I was pulling up.  "I love you and you come to me if you need someone to talk to," she told me.  "I love you like one of my children."  That caused me to burst out into tears again.  I was half crying and laughing as I wiped the tears from my eyes and told her to be careful driving to church.  This morning she was in no shape to drive.  The crazy have cars, I amused myself with thought, laughing as I walked home to greet Maggie and call Rosa.   I don't want to be alone tonight and the dog just isn't going to cut it.   


jane said...

she's a gem, you're a gem - it's really lovely to have someone who understands living so close.

thinking of you tonight from the windy northeast,

Chandira said...

Tears are good!!! Let them out!!!!

Kelly Jene said...

Oh friend. It's so okay to cry. I did myself today. You aren't alone.

villain820 said...

I know what you mean. My father stuck it in our heads crying made you weak. That has been stuck in my mind for years now. It took several years of therapy to show me that thinking is wrong.

It takes more courage to show your emotions that keeping them bottled in. Crying is good for the body, it releases bad toxins.

Hang in there, you are not alone. So cry on!

kristi said...

Sometimes I cry and don't even know why! Crying is good, it cleanses your soul!

NATALIE said...

I get disproportionately teary when I miss a dose on my medicine. It's why I'm so thankful that I have it. Life sucked so much when I cried all of the time!