Sunday, March 9, 2008

But You're Miserable...

Ran into an old AA friend this morning as I was leaving the convenience store.  It was Phillip.  The local patriarch of our AA meetings.  He kept putting words in my mouth, though. 

"Your sober, but you're miserable," he kept saying of me only sparingly attending AA.

I've been going to AA, but just haven't written much about it.  You've been to one AA meeting -- you've been to them all.  I certainly wasn't miserable, though.  I have also been more mindful that I shouldn't betray the anonymity of the people in the meetings.  I can be a blather mouth and will write about it on my blog in an almost boasting fashion hoping people will think I am a cool guy and a guy everyone wants to befriend. 

"We could sure use you in the local meetings," Phillip finally told me. "AA is about dead in the Valley.  We just don't have enough drunks to support a lot of meetings."

I certainly don't want AA to die.  It is a long drive everyday to LaGrange to attend my favored meetings.  I agreed to start going in the Valley again.   I will just have to keep moaning "principles over personalities" as some of the regulars that go to AA in the Valley are unsavory characters.  Abrasive almost. 


Kelly Jene said...

You sure don't seem miserable to me. It and at over 100 days sober, that in itself is a joy. I don't like people putting words in my mouth. It irritates.

Hugs to you.

Irishcoda said...

yeeeeessh, Phillip seems like a real pain in the buttsky to me :P

Tory said...

I'm so sorry about Rosa...I know that you care for her very deeply. But, Andrew, don't berate yourself for it. You have a lot to offer for a girl. You sound like a wonderful person. Maybe a little break will bring you even closer together.
Take care

Portia said...

ah, the things we must endure to benefit from a little fellowship other people! i would completely resent the comment from phillip. you have been doing a really incredible job of working hard at your own sobriety. it is nothing short of amazing and inspiring.