Friday, March 21, 2008

Breakfast with AA...

I keep telling myself that I am going to start going to more AA meetings.  In ten days Dad will start giving me money again and it is going to be a helluva temptation.  I need to be working my program and to be prepared.  I will be able to drink as long as I can hide it from my family.

This morning was a breakfast AA meeting.  The wives of many of our attendees brought breakfast casseroles, biscuits, and your staple breakfast foods.  Normally, I would shy from going to such a meeting as meetings out of the ordinary make me uncomfortable.  I went, though, and had a grand time.  I get lonesome and AA is the perfect cure for that condition.  On the whole,  AA members are so gregarious and social -- welcoming in any old wayward soul (as long as they are alcoholic).

We had a speaker for the meeting.  Some guy from near Chicago that cussed and cursed a lot.  Our rabidly conservative home AA group winced at every word.  I could feel it.  He was a bald fellow that had the exuberance of a southern Baptist preacher in the pulpit.  I enjoyed his message immensely.  It is amazing that people get sober with AA.  This guy's story reminded me that I was not alone.  That many people had struggled with the same addiction as I.  I left the meeting with a renewed fervor to stay sober, and that is always a miracle.  A day I decide to abstain and not drink is just another miracle of AA.   


Gaviota_mx said...

I am confident you won't drink :-)

You can hide it from everyone but you cannot hide it from yourself.

I's been a pleasure to read you lately.

Cheryl said...

Do they hold breakfast meetings regularly? Is this the place you go when you're 'going?' Sounds like a great meeting. You do love being around people, once you get there.

Be strong when you get the moola. You know a sober life is the best kind. You'll do OK.

Make sure you buy some healthy food when you're out shopping. Not all frozen, OK? I want to hear about the food you make, like in the old days. :)

Sharyna said...

Congrats on getting your money back. I was just talking to MosaicMind and she has a similar system (payee, allowence etc). I wish I could find a system like that.


Barb said...

"I will be able to drink as long as I can hide it from my family."

Tell me that isnt so...tell me we are reading that statement incorrectly~
We are so proud of you!!!


mosiacmind said...

I am glad that you had a good time at the meeting. It sounded like one that you might enjoy going to on a regular basis.....hope that you have a good weekend. I know that it will be hard and tempting to spend that money to use BUT you have done so well and just try to think of all of the railroad things and camera items you can buy with that I know you like to cook some so you can make some fine meals with your money too

justLacey said...

Perhaps your new job is helping you with your social anxieties. The breakfast sounds like fun. do they do it every week? I am proud of yu recognizing that you will need some support when you start getting some funds again. That is a huge step for you in the right direction. You have come so far.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

thats great! Im the same you know. i still leave meetings feeling a little more 'easy' about my inner conflicts and contradictions than I do when I arrive. And I LOVE the gregariousness you mention. Meetings remind me of the program 'Cheers'. The same ol faces year after year. Some right ol characters like the one you mention here. I LOVE the way all thee different people are thrown together and ? somehow get along!
It REALLY is 'the pub with no beer' heheh

anyway. PLEASE Andew, KEEP COMING BACK. You know, regularly, while you are getting over rosa's absence as it will seem easier for you if you do. we all need a bit of company, and (I think) in aa we are extremely lucky because we have this limitless social tol at our fingertips. free too! and VERY !! colorful. nothing 'boring and glum' about it!

right gotta go. Happy easter!