Tuesday, February 12, 2008

To Err is to Work...

"Why did you want to work so badly?" my father asked me on the phone this morning.

"To be honest, Dad," I said. "I wanted a new computer.  I felt it was the only way I was going to get one.  My old computer is so junky."

"We'll see about getting you a computer from Dell," he told me. "I bought your mother and I a computer."

"You're kidding," I told my father astonished. "That's y'alls first computer.  Now, you can read my weather blog."

"I'm proud of you," my father told me. "I'm proud of you for making the right decision.   You could have gotten yourself in a mess doing all that with working."

I agreed.  I wasn't thinking clearly.  I was blinded by my own lust for things material and money-wise.  I wanted so badly to be independent and self-supporting.  I will just try vocational rehab. and see how that turns out. 


Cheryl said...

As you said, here's to another day. It made my day just reading this post.

azure said...

I dunno Andrew...I understand that your father has convinced you to not take this job at McDonalds at the present time. And it might have been a stretch for you. And it might have messed up your disability.

But I think you are certainly capable of working. You want to do it and you are very resourceful and smart.

I think it's a good thing for an adult to aspire to work to earn money for things. Maybe not this time, but you will be able to work.

The best part of your post today is resilience. That's part of the whole working thing, to roll with the punches, to keep your equanimity.

Barb said...

Did Dad consider releasing some of your disability check for your own decision making regarding your spending?

justLacey said...

I'm proud of your dad too.

Chandira said...

Yeah, I can see the double bind with work and money and all that other stuff. I think that your dad could do a little reassessment once in a while though, and base his treatment of you on what he's seeing right now, rather than what he's afraid of.
I confess to being one of those people with an less than positive view of him, which I know isn't the whole story.

People always saw my own dad in a bad light when I was a kid, when I adore him, I always have, and always saw the good. :-)
That was a great post about your positive relationship with him.