Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Spring-esque Day with Joyce...

Beautiful day here.  Almost reminiscent of spring.  I am noticing signs of it everywhere.  It comes early this far south.  Gotta get a good supply of batteries for my camera cause it is going to see it's fair share of use the next two months. 

Joyce was outside as I pulled up in my car.  She was playing with Maggie.

"Go for a walk with me," she said. "Let's just walk around the block."

I hadn't had a shower yet and was in bad need of a shave.  I squelched my personal appearance misgivings as we walked around the block.

"I've tried to quit smoking," Joyce told me as we walked.  "My nerves are just too bad to quit right now."

"Wait until you get to feeling better," was my reply. 

Joyce reached out to hold my hand and held it firmly. 

"I am painting my bedroom next week and am scrap booking right now," she told me.

I told her of my current obsession with model railroading, and obsession is a good adjective to use.  I am a man obsessed. 

Joyce turned to hug me after our walk around the block.  I told her to come and get me anytime she needed a friend to talk too.  "I just get lonesome," she said of her little house and home.   Joyce said she would start back work soon and that would help.  She was on a two month leave from the little church she is secretary for. 

Just being with Joyce made me feel lonesome today.  I am lucky in that I have Maggie, Rosa, and my family always over here at various times.  Joyce's family only comes around when she is mentally ill.   Her daughter and grandchild live in another state.   I made a mental note to stop by everyday with something good to eat and so we could smoke and talk about our days.  She is a wonderful lady and deserves so much more than the lonely waning years of life.


Sharyna said...

Joyce is soooo lucky to have you. Some of us will be those neglected people of the future.


CJM-R said...

Lucky lady to have such a caring friend and neighbor like you, Andrew. It makes all the difference.

It is a beautiful day here in the NE, too.


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Tee said...

Joyce is so fortunate to have a good friend and neighbor like you. You are right, she deserves to have more than lonely waning years of life! I would hope that the people of her church would be friends to her and care for her.