Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rife with Innuendo

The rumor mill down at the shopping center was going full force this morning.  Big S always had a penchant for meddling and gossiping.  The rumor was that Ferret has a well-to-do grandfather who is supporting him financially.  During Ferret's first stint at homelessness, he was on disability.  He got a place to stay and a job with Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I assumed he was utilizing the ticket to work program.  I've wondered where Ferret gets all his money from.  He seems to have an inexhaustible supply of cash to drink with.  He will often drink non-wino/homeless-exorbitant beers and liquors such as Budweiser and Southern Comfort, respectively.

"Dat niggas got a sugah daddy!" Big S exclaimed to me.

I always shudder at Ferret's and Big S's use of that derogatory term.  They banter it about like it was polite table talk.  

"Well, he certainly has more money coming in than what disability would allow," I replied. "Why don't you ask him instead of gossiping about it?"

"It ain't none of my business," Big S responded.

"It seems you've already made it your business," I said as I chuckled and took another drag from my cigarillo.

If Ferret does have a "sugah daddy," then it will be doubly hard for him to quit drinking.  And here I am being one of those meddling AA do gooders I used to hate so much when I wanted to drink. Hah!  


Tee said...

If Ferret does have a Sugah Daddy, that would be even more reason to stop drinking and start living. Don't you agree?

Sharyna said...

Again, I have to agree with Tee. I think a "sugar daddy" would inspire me to get a nice apt and live comfortably instead of in a tent in the cold...