Thursday, February 21, 2008


The lobby of my doctor's office is filled with framed pictures he took. Wall to wall.  There is this one photo of the railroad bridge spanning over the Chattahoochee river.  I stood there admiring it this morning as I was waiting to be called back.

"Are any of these for sale?"  I turned and asked the receptionist. 

"You'll have to ask the doctor that," she replied. 

I didn't have time to wait the required hours to see my doctor, and soon was called back by my favorite nurse.  My nurse gave me my injection and I was free to go.  I stopped and looked at that photo one more time before leaving the bustling lobby.    I remarked to myself that I would just have to take a similar photo with my own camera.

The daffodils are already blooming these days.  I saw several flower beds flush with the color yellow on the drive home.  Spring is almost here and I grow excited.  Thankfully,  I didn't get the doldrums this winter like usual.  It has been a pleasant journey through these dark and cold months.

Well, I am off to clean house, wash clothes, and fold laundry before heading in to work.  I will try to get back in a habit of writing more these days.


justLacey said...

Your picture will be better because it's your passion. Have a good day.

Kelly Jene said...

You sound so full of life.

I think some spring is starting to peak around here, I see the tulip bulbs coming up in the back yard. Can't wait for leaves and flowers to return.

Take care and have a great day at work!

mago said...

Just dropped by, ninety past heading for the big hundred: Be proud!

mosiacmind said...

It is SO good to read about how well you are doing! I told Gracie that Maggie's dad is doing really good and she smiled....: ) It is really good to hear about how well life is for you right shows how when those of us who struggle with addictions stay clean and sober how life can be. It shows lots I think that how your dad is trusting you more with you working for him. I will be eager to hear what is new with the things you see at the store and please sometime take pictures to show us all the trains that you have and such. It REALLY was an uplifter to me today to read your blog and I needed that. Please continue to take good care of yourself.
We here are to have more snow and sleet and rain in the next 24 hours. I hope not. I am ready for spring.

Cheryl said...

We're having an ice storm and you're getting daffodils. Strange how different a few hundred miles make. I've been buying daffodils for my station at work. It makes the day a little brighter.