Saturday, February 16, 2008

Off to a Good Start...

Rosa fixed a big breakfast this morning.  She scrambled cheddar cheese eggs, and made some toast, bacon, grits, and coffee.  I was enjoying not having to cook.   I did do the cleaning up afterwards.  Rosa and I learned that Maggie loves cheese and grits. 

"Boy, I bet she is constipated in a few days," I said of Maggie. 

Rosa laughed and gave Maggie some more bacon.  My dog is spoiled. 

I sat on my porch smoking this cool morning as Joyce came bounding outside her door.

"Who's car is that?" Joyce asked being nosey.

"It's Rosa's new car," I replied.

"That car is cute," Joyce said walking over to look at it.

"I'm gonna wash your car today," I told Joyce.  Joyce's car looks like it hasn't been washed in over a year. 

Today, I have to get Joyce up a mouse for her computer.  She is writing her memoirs and I am going to edit them.  "I want to tell everyone about my psychosis and bi-polar disorders," she said.  She eventually wants to sell her story to Reader's Digest.  I thought it was a noble effort if somewhat gargantuan task. She has already written one chapter and it looks promising.  


CJM-R said...

Good morning, Andrew! Good for Joyce. Another writer in your neighborhood. I think people need to tell their stories to help others and themselves.

How great to sit on the front porch in the morning. What a nice peaceful way to start the day!


Cheryl said...

I've got a few minutes here at work while my client's hair is processing. A good start to the day usually means the good will follow. Enjoy the day. Good luck at Walmart. I don't envy your going on a weekend. I try to avoid that.

I'll look you up later :)

Sharyna said...

You are sooo nice to Joyce. I wish I had a nice neighbor like you.


C.A. said...

I wish it was warm enough here to sit outside on the porch! I also wish I could get "good" grits in Illinois.

Your day sounds wonderful so far. Take a picture of Rosa's new car...I'm sure everyone would love to see it! I'll be she's proud as can be to have transportation.

Good for you for helping Joyce. I find it cathartic to get my thoughts out and recorded...maybe it will help her to do the same.

Have a good Saturday, Andrew!

Mike said...

Your southern food always sounds so good for the soul :)

I love sitting outside and smoking on cool, crisp mornings as the sun comes up. Doesn't happen too often in February around here, though. I'd have to trudge through the snow to set up my lawn chair LOL

Hope you have a good day, Andrew!

forsythia said...

Good for Miss Joyce and her writing.

Grits, yum. Never tasted grits until we moved to Maryland.

Please, Andrew, can't you do something to increase the contrast between the background and the text of your blog? I'm 67 years old, drat it, and almost ready to give up reading it, because it's so difficult. Yet, but it's soooooo good I would hate to stop reading. I wanna keep up with the adventures of Andrew, Rosa, Maggie, Joyce, Ferret and others. Plus, I've found some great blogs through your links.

SOUL: said...

sounds like a pretty good day in your world today--maggies too actually :))

enjoy it--


This new layout of yours is absolutely awful! Why is everything centered? That's so amateurish. And the color scheme is drab, ugly and makes it very difficult to read. The Digg thing is practically worthless. Whereas your blog used to be clean, accessible and interesting, with this new weird layout your blog has suddenly become confusing, unwelcoming, and repellant...even alienating. Aside from your diehard readers and samaritan cheerleaders, you should expect a drop in your readership. Don't undermine your highly engaging prose about everyday living with poor design choices, Andrew. Please, for the love of decent design and for the sake of giving your faithful readers a palatable blog experience, CHANGE IT BACK! Thanks in advance.

mosiacmind said...

hope that you have a good day.

Cheryl said...

Hey Andrew,

Your blog template looks great to me. Good text on a white background. Organized and easy to read. I'm not sure why you had comments to the contrary.

How's your day going?

jane said...

i'm cool with your layout, but am floored by how vocally vehement some folks are!

model railroading is my husband's hobby too - one of them anyway - he's got a ton of trains - n gauge. what gauge do you like?

x jane

Kelly Jene said...

Since, its your blog and up to you how your layout looks, I will continue to happily read, because I like you!

I think its great that you are there for Joyce. She is lucky to have you.

Kevin said...

your a good man Andrew for helping out your neighbor.

jesus h christ i didn't know some readers got so offended by your layout! i really don't see much of a problem with it. just do what you like is my take. perhaps if your font was set at 1px i might say something, but i can read it fine.

mosiacmind said...

hey andrew....are we o.k.? i just sense you being really quiet and so wanted to ask and it really is o.k. if you want or need to be quiet but just kind of if you do not mind let me know that we are o.k. or if we need to hash something via emai or comments. it could be i am just sensitve right now too. : )

Tee said...

The breakfast sounds delicious. I looovvveee grits, especially with cheese. That's really nice of you to wash Joyce's car. Take a pic of Rosa's new car. I too like the Brit Coms. They crack me up.

forsythia said...

Andrew: I am so glad that your old color scheme is back. For those who wondered what Granny had her knickers in a twist about: it was darn hard for her to read tan on dark brown. Sorry, but it just was. THANK YOU!

Portia said...

Breakfast sounds delicious! It's nice that you can work with Joyce, having an ally in the writing process always helps.


Thank you, Andrew. For changing your blog back to the user friendly 4th Avenue Blues color scheme & layout that we know and love. Much appreciated. Next time, if you want to change the look of your blog around, consult me. I know what works and what doesn't.

Take good care now.

Ryan said...

I agree with Cathartica. Not in the sense that I want to control someone else's blog like it seems she does, but in the fact that your blog screwed up for me and I kept my mouth shut in case it was just a technical fault on my part. But hey, it's back!


I don't quite get what the fuss it all about with the blog? I come here for the words, for the heart in the words, for the pain in the words, for the genuine love from these's not about the colors of the room, but about the person in them. Judging someone on the layout of a blog is just as bad as judging someone for the clothes they wear. Shame on those that have.
Andrew, I like what I read here because of you. screw those that are pita's!

on that note, I have more of your wonderous posts to read.
CRUSTYYYYYY (that's right, it ends in a Y, is Cathartica going to comment on that, now too?) geesh. :)